Wednesday, April 15, 2009

As Seen On TV

So, K and I were watching tv the other day and we saw one of the most horrifically funny “As Seen on TV” commercials ever viewed- well at least since “ShamWow”. The commercial for the “Body Snake” reveals the hardships appearently experienced by all overweight, hairy men everywhere whenever they step into the shower to lather up. According to the visuals depicted, men of great girth risk life and limb as they struggle to scrub their backs clean. And during the “Wait! There’s More…” part of the ad, with the purchase of the “Body Snake”, they’ll even throw in a foot scrubber, a strange loofah-lined contraption that you step into repeatedly to get swollen tootsies squeaky clean. To view this sudsy insult to obese males, click on the box below:

We also saw the craptastic commercial for the “HD WrapAround Sunglasses”, which, despite it’s claims, are NOT attractive, stylish or cool. They seriously look like a pair of sunglasses Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder would’ve rocked… back in nineteen eighty-something. K was boggled by the very concept of “High Definition” sunglasses. Sure, we all admire high def television sets and movie discs (although, I was, admittedly, taken aback by the clearer appearance of my favorite morning show hosts; suddenly, wrinkles were more obvious, and makeup, does not cover all). Why? Because the picture quality looks much more like real life. So, why pray tell, do you need sunglasses to make real life look…more like real life??? Keiron thinks (and I agree) people who can suddenly see much better while wearing them should probably take a trip to their local optometrist’s office. You either need prescription glasses or at least a pair that blocks sun glare. Below, the ad:


Joseph Flemming said...

Hey, I like the weird ShamWow commercial!!! :(

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