Monday, April 20, 2009

Fashion Flubs, Finances & Flat Screen TV’s

I feel I have slipped into a style rut. In the name of comfort and warmth (and a slightly expanding waistband due to post-marital bliss), I have let myself slide into a sort of fashion purgatory, so to speak. I pray that I’m being purified, because I have decided to rid myself of all the early 00’s skirts, slightly ill-fitting tops and blaise sweaters now cluttering my closet.

The next step in the undressing of my wardrobe, however, appears to be the hardest. What kind of outfits will be taking over the rejects’ spots? I’m proud of myself for even asking the question. For weeks I had been weighing the option of buying new clothes and felt it to be somehow inappropriate. With thousands being laid-off, the current state of the economy made me feel slightly guilty even contemplating the potentital purchases… that is, until the sexy husband began contemplating his own big ticket purchase of a 32-inch, flat screen television. He bounced between Best Buy and Wal-mart for months looking for the perfect model. He decided he would go out and get it- only to change his mind the next day. He found it hard to justify spending hundreds on a television we don’t really need (but, um, who REALLY needs a flat screen tv in their home??? Really???) It appears I have married my exact financial match, for we both believe in giving our ten percent to charity without question, paying our bills on time, saving, and then THINKING about spending the remainder on something fun. The thoughts rarely turn to action, though. This, overall, is a good thing. In our six months of being married, we haven’t had narry a squabble over money. A sore topic to many newlyweds, yes, but blessedly, not for us (now my habit of leaving like, A chip in a bag of Doritos then putting it back in the pantry?... battle royale, folks).

However, things took an interesting twist today when K purchased his oft mentioned, wholeheartedly desired flatscreen online. He AIMed me with a link to our new tech-toy addition. And I’m happy. So happy that I wanted to break out with the running man (I did not do this, though). Yes, the tv is cool, but what’s making me so happy is K allowing himself the splurge. He works so incredibly hard- often doing 9 or 10 hour days at work with no lunch break. Then he’ll come home, and still help me go grocery shopping or vacuum or fold laundry. All without complaining (I do this, though, too much). So if my Knight wanted a tv taller than me (definitely doable; I’m 62 inches), I’d applaud that purchase, too. He’d give me the world if he could- and I hope to see my World get everything his heart desires.

So anyway, back to my wardrobe. Now that the tv is on it’s way, I’m back to pondering what kind of clothes to get. After mentally sorting through my mostly sorry collection of duds, I’ve realized I actually have two fashion styles, both from the same decade- the 1960’s. I heart the neat, scholastic look of the early 60’s. Think fitted cardigan sweaters, slimming pencil skirts and little flats and lady like pumps Jackie Kennedy would’ve donned while playing with Caroline and John-John in the Camelot era. And at the end of the decade, say the long floral print skirts, peasant tops, and silver and bangled jewlery a Woodstock attendee could’ve worn. Although these are two VERY different and nearly opposing looks- chignons and free flowing, natural hair, for example- in my mind, they reside together quite nicely. Equal parts librarian and hippie girl, both totally attractive. And why not? I feel just as at home at Barnes & Noble picking out a new read as I do sitting outdoors, absorbing nature and reflecting on Transcendental writers like Emerson or Thoreau.

So, I have admitted my current style deficiencies. Singled out my prefered clothing looks-Audrey Hepburn meets Boho-chic. Next up, time to shop. If only I could just click a link to get my whole new wardrobe without having to try on a single thing. Or catch sight of the back of my thighs in a cruel 360 mirror. Let’s just hope I’m not leaving fashion purgatory for a slip downwards…

More to Come…


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