Thursday, April 16, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Bling, Hello to Babies & No Hiding from Pink Slips

After years of decadence, it appears that even hip hop, by far the most “blinged out” of all the music genres, has been affected by the current world economic down turn. According to this Associated Press article, hip hop “ …defined as much by diamond-encrusted watches and designer sneakers as its gritty urban lyrics is scaling down its flash, insiders say, as rappers join the rest of the world feeling the pinch of the recession.”

The article goes on to describe how even top selling artists like Lil’ Wayne are limiting how much jewelry they wear or even (shocker) going sans diamonds. Other artists are even donning diamond and cubic zirconia mixes (lol, QVC… he he he).

Over on The, writer Michael Arceneaux has a blog called “The Recession Diaries”, with today’s entry bemoaning a possible mini-baby boom (well in his eyes; even though being that two of my co-workers have just announced pregnancies, and my best friend is due to give birth this summer, perhaps he’s on to something) despite the record high costs associated with raising kids.

Less bling and spending thousands on diapers might be depressing, but I still think the worse recession story I’ve read recently belongs to the Wisconsin nurse who got her pink slip last week. According to the story, “A nurse was called out of surgery so a manager could tell her she was being laid off.” This story is disturbing to say the least. Has things really gotten so bad that nurses can’t finish out a shift, even if they are standing in an operating room assisting with SURGERY?!?

Forget change, I think we’re all looking for cash we can believe in…


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