Friday, May 15, 2009

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Why do bad things happen to good people? This question has been asked so many times, and answered seemingly even more. Books have been written, articles have explored it, as have countless shows and movies. And yet, even with some of the best answers, when you are experiencing the pain of losing someone you hold dearly, nothing seems to suffice.

Last night, Keiron came home and told me his friend and college roomate Chris was killed in a car accident early yesterday morning. He's been shaken up badly, and his mind keeps going back to the last sentence of that Daily News story which says Chris "would likely have survived had he been wearing his seatbelt." K keeps thinking, if only he had put it on... My brother Joe, when his best friend Anton was killed in a motorcycle accident in October 2005, had warned his friend the day before not to make the trip to upstate New York that resulted in his death. Joe found himself similarly caught in what-ifs. Painfully, we cannot undo past events. No one has the power to turn back the hands of time. We can pray, though--pray to God, who is above and beyond time- to the One who encompasses time.

I read a blog, "Why Does God Allow Bad Things To Happen To Good People" this morning, and I found comfort in these words: "... it's worth remembering that we Christians believe, "Our days on earth are as transient as a shadow,"while what comes afterwards is eternal. Sometimes on this side of eternity, all we can do is realize that we are going to see our share of sorrow, accept that, "God moves in mysterious ways," and keep on keeping on, secure in the knowledge that there is something better to come when this life is over."

I ask that you pray for Chris' family and friends and all those who are suffering now with his tragic death.


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