Sunday, June 7, 2009

NO, God IS Great

This morning, I had a freshly brewed cup of El Pico coffee in front of me when I logged on to Facebook for a bit before taking a shower to get ready for church. I quickly noticed my poet friend Kathy's latest status update: "A private plane, Citation 10 just landed. $30 million dollar plane. Guess who owns it - a Brazilian Church in Houston. they tell their members: "If you don't give, God does not look at your problems.'' They ask their members to donate $500!!!!! They play on people, using faith to get money for their luxurious toys! I hate organized religion when it plays on people's faith! ggggrrrrrr". Kathy works at an airport, and has seen all kinds of craziness, but the pastor of this church took the cake. (She later shared with me that he was less than pleasant, too).

That status update launched a bevy of responses. From disgust at the exploits of so-called Christians to, unfortunately, a disgust of Christianity altogether. One commenter referenced atheistic evangelist Christopher Hitchens' notorious book "God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything." Sigh... okay, yes, there are quite a few stinkers in Christianity. I'll admit it. I've been hurt by them. I know I've hurt a few people, too, which makes me cling to Christ even more so. My problem with some of the comments were the crass generalizations. While there are plenty of people who abuse and misuse religion, not all of us do. What makes me particularly upset is how it's quite p.c. to stereotype the billion of us on this planet who claim Christ. Imagine if such adjectives as "frauds", brainwashed", "weak", "dumb", "cheats", "thiefs", or "molestors" were branded on to a particular racial or ethnic group. The media along with a majority of people would cry out in despair. So why the free pass to bash Christians?

God is great. Maybe not in man's small finite view. But the thing is, man is not great. Man even in attempting to do good, is not great. Why? Because SIN poisons everything! But all thanks to God, for Christ's atoning death on the cross. For although the wages of sin is death, we can have eternal life because of Christ! God is so great.

If you're interested, click here to read a debate between Hitchens and Christian theologian Douglas Wilson.


Living, Loving @ Laughing said...

You are so right! God is Great and He is worthy to be praised! loved your blog this morning, you are right on, It is really sad to see all this going on in the outter courts, in the inner courts where the Spirit of Christ dwells this is not present. Only the true worshippers that seek a relationship with Christ can enter there.....a lot of people seek the hand of God what they can get.....why not go hard after the heart of God and He will give it All to you....... Be blessed my sister! Love your page, beautiful colors!

Alisha De Freitas said...

Thanks! It is sad that Christianity is under attack- and a lot of it is from among our own ranks. That's why we must stay vigilant in our study of the Word and remaining close to the Truth.

You be blessed as well!

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