Monday, June 1, 2009

So Maybe There’s Still Hope for Richard Dawkins?

A recent Wall Street Journal Article recounts the reconversion of A.N. Wilson, a British biographer and novelist who gained some notoriety for penning such anti-faith tomes as "God's Funeral" a decade ago. Originally an Anglican and then Catholic, Wilson dumped his faith decades ago, now saying “atheists are like ‘people who have no ear for music or who have never been in love.’"

He joins a long line of intellectuals who regressed forward (how’s that for an oxymoron?) to once again believe. The article notes among others, greats such as poet T.S. Eliot and classic Christian author and apologist C.S. Lewis, who returned to their Christian roots.

I wrote in “Of God & Man: Why Faith” that : “One of my biggest problems with Humanism [or in this case, atheism] is in turning to man as “the measure of all things”, we’ll be bound to continually come up short. Although religion is often blamed to be the root of all evil by many a secular humanist, it seems to be obvious that man is the source of history’s biggest tragedies.” Perhaps what caused these intellectual giants to rethink their atheistic stances is man’s need to place faith in someone or something, and trusting in fallible mankind leads to continual disappointment. Without God, men inevitably find themselves in the relativity trap as well. The article captures this point: “They gradually decided that their rationalistic method was too narrow: It could pick holes not only in Christianity but in any attempt to distinguish between right and wrong or to articulate the meaning of life. They came to realize that they could only tear down and thus were left intellectually with no habitable place to live. John Henry Gordon, who held the only full-time, salaried secularist lecturer position in England, came to believe that secularism was a creed of "mere negations."

Left with a life of negatives, these men and women returned to the faith of their youth, which undoubtedly, is the smartest move these intellects could ever make.


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