Monday, July 6, 2009

5 Things Men Should Know- By Gary Watkins

Great read! Enjoy this guest post by Gary Watkins:

I'm going out a limb here by posting this note because I know I'm making myself a target for most who might say something like "OOoo what makes you think you're such an ideal man". That's also to say "what makes you think you know everything about what all women want!?".....So I'm going to to kind of try and tie in what it is I wish I would see more of in more men. Maybe that may be a safer playing field for this one :)

In series with a later posting that I made about 10 things every woman should know I'm now posting "5 things every man should know."

1. First and foremost is love. It is critically important to understand as men, the different aspect of being a man that we can offer a girl. I have always said that the reason I know that I love my wife is because I have harbored tendencies of loving her as her lover, her friend, and her father. My wife is my girlfriend, my drinking buddy, and my little girl. Because of this I can offer her basically every aspect of manhood in our marriage. I can offer her warmth and touch...i can offer her value, reflection, and encouragement of herself....and I can also offer her protection and security. Be careful to show careful balance of these 3, as one overbearing the other is could be dysfunctional. This long lost trinity of love is the truth behind the lifelong promise of a relationship.

To all the men out ALL the men out there.... to your girl.

2. Bring out the best in your girl. A woman is an ever developing bloom of purity and gentleness. What makes it hard for women to find a good guy is that there are few of us out there are genuinely concerned about our girl's development, and participating in whatever it takes to bring her to her next step in life. If she is the same girl she was last year, then what good was it to have you around? All it takes is a little insight and a little bravery to step out and take her hand into a deeper journey of herself.

To all the man out there...a woman is a mysterious thing and it will take the both of you to discover everything about her.

3. Take charge. Men have been anointed by God to be spiritually gifted to lead the household. This means that YOU are responsible for your family (or relationship). Do not share in blame or shame for wrong decisions and or decisions that bring unwanted circumstances. Be a man and accept your position as the responding individual for the status of your relationship/family. This doesn't mean that you're a lone ranger in all decision making...make sure to make joint decisions when necessary.... but keep in mind that it's one of our greatest gifts to ease her mind of pressure...and take on the burden of a final decision, so she's not alone. Even if it's something simple like "what shoes should i wear". Having an opinion is what makes companionship. Helping her make decisions just goes to show how much you genuinely want to be in her life.

To all the men out there...simplify her's her support

4. The difference between a boy and a man, is that a boy does what he wants to do, and a man does what he has to do. We all start off as boys, but making it to a man is a different journey. Sometime it's hard for us to break the boyish behaviors and "turn on" the MANtallity. It's important to be young with your girl, but it's even more important to be grown up when it comes to grown up conversation. Laugh and be silly and sarcastic, but don't forget that there is always a time for everything. "I'm sorry for putting gum in your hair" is totally different from "I'm sorry for not thinking about you". What graduates us from boyhood to manhood is our insight of girlhood to womanhood.

To all the men out there...there's a nasty rumor going around that most of us do not ever hit mental puberty. Let's flip the script on them!

5. Be unbeatable! Make sure that you take notes in what she likes, what she thinks is romantic, what type of person she admires..and try your best to make sure that you've covered the bases. Work like you want her to boast about you at parties...try your best to make sure when other girls complain about issues with their men that she isn't caught up in the flow. Make the "typical man" foreign to her...or a thing of the past. No one including you wants to be caught up in today's social understanding of a relationship.

To all the men out there...don't convince her that you are unbeatable..let her realize if for herself

I'll stop here because men are more simple and probably wont read any deeper lol j/k. Please be gentle in your criticism. It was easy to post "10 things women should know" last month because most men are not that critical of women, but in today's society women are much more critical about men. If you agree and or want to add anything please share. It's about about doing life together and learning.

Also, this is gender specific like my last post so i will start broadcasting this note to men first and foremost. But everyone is welcome for comments.

Hope everyone had a happy 4th.


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