Sunday, August 30, 2009

What We Did This Summer... Spend Time with Kids

Despite my grandmother's pleas for me to quickly get knocked up, K and I aren't planning on having kids of our own for a couple of years (but who knows... like the NY state lotto motto, "Hey, you never know..."). That doesn't mean we don't like spending time with other people's offspring, and this summer, we had fun doing so:

This party was for Isaiah, who turned 7. Little brother Kasaan didn't get the memo though, as he ended up blowing out the candles.

In July, we went to two kiddie birthday parties, one for my friend Jennie's son, the other my niece Sophia's.

Our gift is the penguin to the right of Sophia... which towers above our teeney niece.

We also got some quality time in with nephews Justin & Nate. Justin got a special K haircut, while Nate came to our place to create his surprise Father's Day gift for his dad:

A good time was had by all. Especially K and I, who got to return the kids to their rightful owners and have restful nights.


Picture of The Week

Picture of The Week
K and Z enjoying the Christmas tree.

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