Sunday, August 30, 2009

What We Did This Summer...Eat!

As anyone living on the East Coast can attest too, it has been an extremely rainy summer, not conducive to spending much of any time outdoors. So most of us have been cooped up, not having much to do... but eat! This blog is part two of what I did this summer, focused on barbecues, cafes and diners...

First up, my recent trip to Denny's with my mom and nephew, Nate, just last week:

We all liked the breakfast- except, obviously, the grit soup.

On August 15th, I went to Xocolatz with my sister Jos. While we both thought the restaurant/cafe's decor was cute, we were not thrilled with our lunch choices. I had a mango chicken salad sandwich- the salad was great, but the roll it was served on was way too hard, and overpowered the flavor of the salad. My sister was unimpressed with her common ham and cheese sandwich, and again, found the roll to be too hard. We both preferred our desserts, and I LOVED my flan. Below are some pics:

On July 15th, during a not-so relaxing week off from work (I had grueling physical therapy sessions for my knee), I did manage to get in a break at Red Lobsters with Jos, an old fav of mine. The sis and I both had delicious shrimp dishes, a glass of blush wine, and a chocolately desert. Below, the best part of the meal:

The best grilled burgers and dogs I had this summer came courtesy of K on Independence Day, when he tried his hand for the first time at grilling. The result: delicious!

I'm going to end this post now, but will be back for a part two very soon. I'm getting hungry just recalling all this yumminess. Time to break for lunch.


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