Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dollar Store Duds

These fruittibars had the year "2002" on the box. Somehow I don't think cereal bars are like wine and get better with age. (Click here for the whole article at The Red Stapler.)

I'll admit it, I go to the dollar store from time to time. I love it for cheap holiday decorations, gift wrap and arts & crafts products. In fact, I went to one on Sunday with my sis, where I picked up a cute shade of shimmery lip gloss called "honey" and a metallic saints bracelet for K. My all time favorite purchases have to be the "I Heart NY" mugs I got as party favors for my "Sex & The City: The Movie" party last year, and two paper machete turkeys dressed like Pilgrims I got to decorate my apartment for Thanksgiving 2007 (yes, I'm aware of my cornball status).

That being said, there are some things that should NOT be purchased at a dollar store. Ever. And I found a great top ten list over at The Red Stapler of things to not drop your Washingtons on. Here are two of my favs:


Another lesson taught to me with great pain. A couple of years ago, I was on a weekend vacation, and I forgot to pack any razors. Being my frugal self, I didn’t feel like spending the $2.50 for the mini-razor from the vending machine next to the ice machine. Furthermore, I thought $8 was a little to much a markup for the razors in the gift shop. As a result, I made the small walk to the dollar store I saw a couple of block away and bought some razors. What a painful decision that turned out to be. These razors shredded my face. The hotel sink ended up looking like whipped cream topped with cherry sauce and my face looked like i got in a fight with a cactus.

Any Kind of Paste

Anyone who subjects their child’s ass to the above product is either named Britney or should be prosecuted for child abuse (or both). I suspect the rash that you are trying to treat would be replace with a bigger one that becomes infected. In addition, one of the more documented things that you should never buy in a dollar store. Google “Dollar Store Toothpaste” for more disturbing information.


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