Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ode To The Truth by Clarissa Sylvestre Sainvilien

This beautiful piece was written by my friend Clarissa. Remember to cast all your fears on Him... He is there for you!


As I walk aimlessly away from what seems to be my personal apocalypse, a gentle breeze cools the tears rolling down my cheeks. I look back at the ruins, wondering if any of it could have been avoided.
Did I try hard enough?
I had just a glimpse of you and I fought to stand by you. I didn't even really know who or what you were, but I sensed that you would somehow protect me.
Oh but your oppressors did woe me... the war had begun long before I knew that I was the captain of my own brigade.
With every inch of territory gained, I earned your strength and you guided me through the roughest periods. At times I could even feel your power racing through me at high voltage... it gave me the courage to stand my ground, to stay firm, to even win a few battles...
But the enemy was cunning... It knew my faults and weaknesses, and preyed on them; it grabbed me from behind strong enough for me to just barely catch my breath...then caressed my soul so seductively I had to close my eyes.
What a worthy adversary... or so I thought.
I was then forced to retreat as I could no longer see clearly. The field of combat was an impossible one. I had lost you in the guise prepared by your opponent.
It was over. The foe has won.
So here I am walking away from the catastrophe that I myself had made and allowed. I look back only to see something emerge from the rubble. I river of tears ravage my face... It was You!
As the breeze calmed me, I was able to comprehend what actually happened: although I fell short and gave in to the enemy, you never left my side. When I was compromised, I lost sight of you... I thought you were gone.
But the shambles I see behind me are actually the collapse of our antagonist: Lies. He cannot thrive like you do. He is always morphing to suit his needs. He shrinks when discovered and creeps in the shadows of others' weaknesses.
You are never changing and ever strong. You always come to light. Always...
Oh Truth, I am only sad and ashamed that I didn't have more faith in you, that I wasn't lucid enough to recognize you from the beginning... because after all , I do know who You really are.

I am the way, the Truth, and the light..... (John 14:6)


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