Monday, September 14, 2009

The VMAs Got Me In A Giddy State of Mind

Last night while I was watching the MTV Video Music Awards, I was also on Facebook, guilty of using my Status Update bar like it was Twitter. I commented on Kanye’s rudeness, Pink’s aerodynamic act, Beyonce’s classiness, and Jay-Z’s and Alicia Keys’ show closing performance of “Empire State of Mind.” In all honesty, I was giddy, giddy like a teenager. Most of my FB friends were opining away as well, dissecting Lady Gaga’s horrific, constantly changing wardrobe choices, and then her nightmare inducing rendition of “Paparazzi” (no really, K had a nightmare about Her Creepiness last night). Not since Obama’s inauguration have I seen so much activity, people’s statuses constantly in flux while instantly commenting on others’. Such fun. And now, so (too?) much has been said, written and tweeted about the most interesting VMAs since Madonna and Britney got all kissy back in ’03. But I can’t help myself, I want to add my two cents, too.

Russell Bland, ahem Brand is such a whack host. I didn’t find the British comedian (?) dandy last year, so I don’t get why he was asked to host yet again. But, alas, he was. While we were sparred mean spirited Jonas Bro. attacks, his jokes weren’t funny, and I found myself tuning him out every time he was on stage.

Madonna’s homage to Michael Jackson was surprisingly heartfelt, touching and sincere. Even though the overzealous audience interrupted Madge a few times with applause expecting a quickie speech, she calmly and evenly continued, giving a sweet personal remembrance. The subsequent dance tribute which included some of MJ’s best work was invigorating, and sister Janet’s live performance with an onscreen Michael for “Scream” was a nice surprise. This would’ve been the main topic of the night, and was until Mr. Kanbe a Mess…

Kanye proves the South Park guys right.

…behaved like an idiot. Maybe Bush doesn’t care about Black people, but Kanye West only cares about his ego. I think it’s pathetic that Kanye would interrupt Taylor Swift’s speech, and I’m glad he has at least apologized for his foolishness. Beyonce allowing Taylor to give her speech in her place after winning Best Video of the Year showed a level of class ‘Ye could only hope for. I was hoping he had learned a little humility after that whole South Park incident. My hopes were dashed last night.

Which one of these do not belong?

And speaking of “dash”, Lil Mama’s ridiculous dash on to the stage to not be welcomed by a just finished-performing Jay-Z and Alicia Keys was an epic fail. Even though, according to MTV news Jigga “had gestured for her to chill out seconds earlier and joked she was "T-Paining," the America’s Best Dance Crew judge still managed to reveal the second big lapse in security for the night. This afternoon Lil Mama issued her own weak mea culpa saying “I did not mean any disrespect towards Jay-Z or Alicia Keys," the statement reads. "I admire them and look up to them as role models. 'Empire State of Mind' had my emotions running high. In that moment I came up onstage to celebrate my two icons singing about NY." Ahem, that’s right, Mama, there was only TWO ICONS up on that stage, and you demonstrated why three is a crowd.

Even Eminem is taken aback by Her Creepiness.

Lastly, I’d just like to comment that Lady Gaga is… wow. I had been using the word “unique”, but she bypassed that the minute she showed up with Kermit the Frog as her date at the Red Carpet Pre-Show. Now, I’d have to say the spawn of Marilyn Manson and Amy Winehouse with a little Prince and Cher thrown in (thanks to my friend Tanya for the musical mix) is just bizarre. The Lady made me gag with her bloody faux hanging.

Want to comment? Feel free. This might not be as instantaneous as FB or Twitter, but it’s still pretty quick. And it’ll make me giddy. :-)


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