Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Am Me- By Linda Raoul

Such wonderfully talented people I know! This post is written by the beautiful Ms. Linda Raoul, who is not only on fire for God, but also composes wonderful poetry. Enjoy this guest post, and if you want to submit something, just email me at ~Alisha

So this month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and today I had the pleasure of helping a woman who is currently in an abusive relationship who is seeking to find a way out. I must tell you, her story was very touching and powerful. What came to mind after speaking to her is how at this point she is some what powerless. Her identity is still in the hand of her abuser, so that makes her like a baby. She is now in need of nurturing from genuine people who will help her to regain her self-confidence and self-worth. Someone to listen to her and tell her she is beauitful and she will overcome!

So after a long morning session with her, I started to think about myself. NO!!! I can't identify with her but what came to mind is how people's words can kill your spirit, never allowing you to be the person you were created to be. Another thing that came to mind is when people like myself, speak proudly of where we've been, who we are and how much we love ourselves, we are told that we are conceited. Listen up, too often we let people define who we are. At a very young age, I have been called many things such as LOUD, skinny, fat, emotional, you take things personal,dramatic, and the list goes on....LOL now I can laugh at these statements because I know who I really am. The pictures that have been created by other people can NO longer DEFINE ME nor will their WORDS keep me bound!!!

So today I wrote a poem (I have written four within the pass month) celebrating my identity and the woman I am becoming in Christ! I stand proud in telling you who I really am....

I am me

You may see a huge smile place on my pretty caramel face
Don’t be fooled...
Do you really know me?
Conversations with me
A hug
A kiss on the cheek
But you have yet to discover who I be
Nor are you close to finding the treasure that is within me

My swagger gives voice to my long awaited confidence
Those four inch heels validate the woman I have become
Every color that I wear paints an image of the little girl who cries no more
My short cut
My colored lips
My fitted jeans
Letting you know that I am content with the way I am packaged

To some I unlock my emotions
I speak the language of my heart
Pieces of my heart
My hurt
My pain
My struggles
My joy
My accomplishments
The girl I use to be
The lady I am
The woman I am becoming
Yes, it’s all about me, I am ME

I am Linda Raoul, Ms.Diva, Ms. Pretty
I am your Lin-Lin, your dada, your dadou
I am a child of God, the lover of my God, his Beloved
A sister, a daughter, a god-mother, a cousin
I am your friend
A servant
A leader
A social worker
I want more
I have big dreams
I will be someone's wife
I will be a mother
I will be a minister of his word
NEVER settling for less
I was made to have to have his best
My roles, my accomplishments doesn’t define me
Just some accessories to my being
I must say that I wear them well
I define them

I am Me

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.—Ps 139:14


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