Monday, October 5, 2009

Rainbow Blight: Colorful Statement Jewlery Sends The Wrong Message

Across the pond in England, kids have taken to wearing brightly colored bracelets, not for fashion, but to declare just how far they're willing to go sexually- from a hug to... all the way. And everything in between. Each color represents a different sexual act. According to this Times of India story, "Available for just £1 on any High Street, the shag bands have become the latest craze among students, and horrified parents across the country... Kids chase each other around schools, and, if they break the band off the wearer’s wrist, the wearer has to offer the physical act that corresponds to the colour of the band.

“A yellow band is the best because all it means is you have to hug a boy. An orange means a love bite and purple is a full-on snog,” the Sun quoted a 12-year-old girl as saying. “If a boy breaks a pink band, a girl has to flash her boobs, a red band means you have to give him a lap dance and a blue is some sort of oral sex. The black means you have to go all the way with a boy,” she said.

“A gold band is the most important and means you have to do all of the above. They are pretty rare, so if you find a gold band in a shop, you have to get your mum to buy it. I don’t think parents have any idea what the bracelets mean because all the kids at my school wear them and don’t get told off,” she added.
And if this is not enough, those who do not wear a bracelet are looked down by their peers, while they get respect for wearing the more daring black and gold ones."

Pretty scary stuff, folks... Wonder how long before this icky trend travels from High Street to Main Street, USA? I'm betting it probably already has.


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