Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Say It Ain't So!

I was just checking my Blogger updates when I read this link to the latest entry on Aliya King's Blog: "Dear Readers, So, I’m done here. Closing up shop." Ahh! She continued: "The other day, I opened my laptop and dreaded typing in my wordpress account information. That’s not a good sign. A few folks warned me in the beginning: go slow or you’ll burn out. But I only have two speeds: fast and faster... The schedule I set up for blogging made me loathe the whole thing... I became obsessed with my stats. Thousands of people read the post Is Toure Right? Thousands! Wow! From that moment on, it was all downhill. I started obsessively checking my stats. Mourning posts with low stats and celebrating those that did well."

I can relate to Aliyah's lament about those darn stats. I got a little Stat Counter on my page (on the right side underneath my reader poll which I haven't updated in months which the question is about Thriller... it's there, you can check it out now if you like), and I have to restrain myself from constantly checking the numbers throughout the day. And to be honest, I still fail miserably, going back to peek at odd times.

But I'm disappointed. First I have to deal with all the non-stop closures of newspapers and magazines (I'm not surprised about Conde Nast's big announcement about discontinuing 4 of their famous mags), and with Aliyah's swan song in the blogosphere, that makes two vacant spots in my circle of fav online spots. The first, The Dawn Patrol, by Dawn Eden, ended in July. Like Aliyah, who's leaving after finishing up her first book, Dawn was on to big things like speaking tours related to her first foray into the world of books. So, I am happy that they've moved on to fulfilling professional and personal dreams.

Dawn titled her last entry "Au revoir, mes amis."Here's hoping I won't have to say goodbye to too many more of my internet friends anytime soon.


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