Friday, November 6, 2009

Before Leading, I Must Follow

With this blog, it's more like a soapbox with a few folding chairs. But I thank you all for sitting uncomfortably and listening.

By following, I mean in the blogosphere, not on Twitter. However, you CAN follow me on Twitter by going here. And yes, I know this is a shameless plug. Anyway, I follow a lot of interesting blogs, but I wanted to highlight a few here.

  • My friend and former co-worker, Linda Raoul, just started His Beloved, a blog that will deal with not only her spiritual journey, but also spreading the message that God has a plan for us all. I included her poem "I am Me" recently on FAR.

  • Speaking of laughter, when I need some cheering up, I like "Living, Loving & Laughing", which is as warm as its author, Christine Mayo. This blog is full of life, concern and God's love. And there's nothing like the love of the Almighty to make me want to live to the fullest, love with my whole heart and laugh with the joy of the Lord.

  • Judging by her blog, Humble Heart~ This is Me!, my cyber buddy Becca is full of the joy of the Lord. Humble Heart focuses on the Christian faith as seen through the eyes of a young wife and mother who has experienced loss, big changes and a baby, yet remains humbled by the grace of God.

  • I think April Joy of Colors of An Old Soul thinks in poetry and dreams in watercolor, because she is one of the most artistic chicas I know. It's not so much that she views the world with rose-colored glasses, but that she strives to see people the way God does- with an awesome love.

  • Poor Matt seems to be mighty out-numbered by all these blogging babes, so I have to include Wintery Knight, who's site covers current events, politics and science from a conservative perspective. I don't always agree with his POV, but I admire his up-to-date reports that are well-written and challenge me to think critically.

Are you a blogger with a great site? Comment here and leave your link. And to check out all the blogs I follow, click on the "View My Complete Profile" link. And don't forget- follow me here and on Twitter!


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