Saturday, November 21, 2009

What A Tangled Head We Weave

Is this a man-repellent? Give your opinion.

Do all guys hate weaves? I'll admit, I don't do extensions. I only have twice. Once for the prom to add more curls, and the second time while I was on vacation a month after I finished high school. I'm not anti-weave, it's just not my thing. It seems like more work (and money) then it's worth for me. I also have THICK hair, and to add to it, even for more length, is unnecessary. Plus, my husband, who for 99% of the time is not particular about my appearance, has forbid it. Seriously. He detests fake hair. And obviously, so do these guys:

So what's the verdict? Ladies? Gentlemen?

(I first saw the video on a really cool blog called Naturally Famous. Check it out.)


Cathy said...

Some women like to wear weave because they have thinning hair and just can't grow it out. My issue is when women wear it and you can tell that it's fake. I hate it though when women depend on it to feel beautiful. Size and length of hair does NOT equal beauty content.
I would never go for weave, but that's because my hair is SUPER thick already. lol

Alisha De Freitas said...


Women get weaves to try to have your hair, lol!

Yeah, I feel you on the obviously fake weaves and wigs. Could their own hair possibly be THAT bad? Hmm... maybe I don't want to know that answer.

Love Abounds At Home said...

I'm over here rolling! I have to watch it again!!!!!!!!!

Keiron said...

That video is hilarious... Good find...

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