Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Anti-CHRISTmas Message

This disgusting picture was put up on a billboard by St. Matthew-In-The-City Anglican Church in New Zealand.

On last Sunday's sacrilege-filled episode of "American Dad", Stan and the family rush off to their Episcopalian church for Christmas Mass. The Rapture occurs during the service, taking everyone in the church except Stan, his wife Francine, and the Priest. As Stan and Francine stare dumbfounded at the sight of countless bodies ascending, the Priest simply says, in between puffs of a cigarette, "Hmph... so there really is a God."

After hearing the following Advent "homily" delivered by Glynn Cardy, the priest at St. Matthew-In-The-City Anglican Church in New Zealand, I know Seth McFarlane's cartoon is on to something. Listen to this:

The church even put up a billboard with the above offensive picture, I guess to advertise for this crap. But let's for a minute, delve into what he said:

"Christian fundamentalism believes a supernatural male God who lived above sent his sperm into the womb of the virgin Mary. Although there were a series of miraculous events surrounding Jesus’ birth – like wandering stars and angelic choirs – the real miracle was his death and literal resurrection 33 years later. The importance of this literal resurrection is the belief that it was a cosmic transaction whereby the male God embraced humanity only after being satiated by Jesus’ innocent blood. The Christmas billboard on a local fundamentalist church sums up this thesis. It reads: “Jesus born 2 die 4 u!” His birth was just an h’orderve before the main Calvary course."

While I don't consider myself a fundamentalist, I'm definitely not the kind of "Christian" who would refer to the essential Gospel message in terms like this. First, I noticed Cardy's redundancy in cynically referring to God as a male. According to Scripture, God is not male or female, but Spirit (John 4:24). Far from Cardy's claims that orthodoxy teaches God and Mary had some kind of sexual union, Mary became pregnant through the move of the Holy Spirit (Matt 1:18, 20) . So is he saying God's "sperm" is the Holy Spirit? He's walking a fine line as far as blasphemy is concerned in my opinion. Concerning God needing to be satiated by Jesus' sacrificial blood, Cardy is making the Almighty out to be some sort of bloodthirsty cannibal. On the contrary, his summary misses a crucial point, the first being that Jesus is God! (John 1:1; Col 2:9) Second, Father God sent His son, not to watch a cosmic bloodsport, but because He loves us and desires for all to have eternal life (John 3:16). It was a real "miracle" that Christ was born of a Virgin in fulfillment of prophecy (Isaiah 7:14), and yes, it was a real "miracle" that Jesus, after being crucified, rose on the third day (Mark 16).

After listening to his message, which was really nothing more than an attack on the traditional Christian faith as opposed to anything really related to Christmas or the true Christ, I have to ask, if Judgement Day were today, would Cardy be asking the same question as that cartoon priest?


Christine Mayo said...

I am offended! so sad.....Thanking God that " Jesus is the reason for the season"

Don said...

hardly sure what to make of this. although i will say that it's certainly borderline blasphemy. that in itself scares me.

also, i have noticed this so-called 'progressive Christianity' movement taking place, opposed to fundamental Christianity,'and the only progression appears to be this one big contempt towards everything we as human beings were/are taught to believe.

Alisha De Freitas said...

I think you're spot-on, Don. What nags me about this type of "progression" is they become guilty of what they accuse followers of traditional Christianity of doing: that is, they misuse and abuse Jesus to promote their own ideologies or political views.

I do wonder why this "priest" even bothers to hold on to the label of Christianity when it seems to trouble him so much. And if Jesus' life is truly one big analogous lesson for people, why would you call yourself a CHRISTian anyway? It doesn't make sense to hold to a title that's a mere allegory...

Subhankar Zac said...

Who cares?
People have a right of speech. these people fully support ant-gay remarks n anti-gay hate messages, so why should they care?
freedom of speech should work both ways.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Hi Zac, I don't really understand your comment. Who supports anti-gay hate messages? How does that relate to this post?

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