Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dollar Store Duds

These fruittibars had the year "2002" on the box. Somehow I don't think cereal bars are like wine and get better with age. (Click here for the whole article at The Red Stapler.)

I'll admit it, I go to the dollar store from time to time. I love it for cheap holiday decorations, gift wrap and arts & crafts products. In fact, I went to one on Sunday with my sis, where I picked up a cute shade of shimmery lip gloss called "honey" and a metallic saints bracelet for K. My all time favorite purchases have to be the "I Heart NY" mugs I got as party favors for my "Sex & The City: The Movie" party last year, and two paper machete turkeys dressed like Pilgrims I got to decorate my apartment for Thanksgiving 2007 (yes, I'm aware of my cornball status).

That being said, there are some things that should NOT be purchased at a dollar store. Ever. And I found a great top ten list over at The Red Stapler of things to not drop your Washingtons on. Here are two of my favs:


Another lesson taught to me with great pain. A couple of years ago, I was on a weekend vacation, and I forgot to pack any razors. Being my frugal self, I didn’t feel like spending the $2.50 for the mini-razor from the vending machine next to the ice machine. Furthermore, I thought $8 was a little to much a markup for the razors in the gift shop. As a result, I made the small walk to the dollar store I saw a couple of block away and bought some razors. What a painful decision that turned out to be. These razors shredded my face. The hotel sink ended up looking like whipped cream topped with cherry sauce and my face looked like i got in a fight with a cactus.

Any Kind of Paste

Anyone who subjects their child’s ass to the above product is either named Britney or should be prosecuted for child abuse (or both). I suspect the rash that you are trying to treat would be replace with a bigger one that becomes infected. In addition, one of the more documented things that you should never buy in a dollar store. Google “Dollar Store Toothpaste” for more disturbing information.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Celebrating The Profane: Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

Jesus Does His Nails," an oil painting by Washington artist Dana Ellyn, will be on display as part of International Blasphemy Day on Sept. 30.

Holidays for the month of September: Rosh Hashanah? Check. Eid al Fitr? Check. Yom Kippur? Check. Blasphemy Day? Che... Huh? Oh, and unfortunately, check.

According to this Religion News article: Tomorrow, September 30th, "Atheists, skeptics, freethinkers and free-speech advocates around the world will mark Blasphemy Day by mounting their soapboxes—figuratively and literally—and uttering words and displaying images that may cause offense. And they’re making no apologies.

“We’re not seeking to offend, but if in the course of dialogue and debate, people become offended, that’s not an issue for us,” said Justin Trottier, a Toronto coordinator of Blasphemy Day and executive director of the Ontario chapter of the Center for Inquiry. “There is no human right not to be offended.”

But of course, there is a human right to offend. And to disrespect others' beliefs. Sigh. But I suppose these people do have a right to do so, a God-given right. Our Lord has bestowed upon us free will- the freedom to accept, love and honor Him. Or to reject, hate and revile Him. Ultimately, it's up to us. However, I pray for these people. They are able to mock our faith, but God is not mocked.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Do Jenna Jameson & Joel Osteen Have in Common?

According to this ridiculously funny (and true) blog from The Church of No People, at least four things.

Fade To Black: Is Ebony Magazine in the Red?

According to Newsweek, Ebony Magazine, one of the country's longest running and most well renowned African American publications, may be up for sale, another print media victim of the recession. From the article:

"It's been a year of excruciating decisions for publishing companies—layoffs, pullbacks, closures. Now it appears Johnson Publishing’s chairman and CEO, Linda Johnson Rice, has reached what must have been an agonizing decision: Johnson Publishing is seeking a buyer or investor for its flagship publication, Ebony, in an effort aimed at securing the survival of the nation's oldest magazine devoted to African-American life. It's unclear whether the company's other properties, including Jet, would be part of a possible sale....

The economic downturn has killed off scores of magazines, including such prominent titles as CondĂ© Nast Portfolio and Domino, while forcing others onto the auction block, including BusinessWeek. But the historic Ebony has fared worse than average amid the industry's woes. In fact, Ebony's advertising pages and ad revenues have declined in each of the last three years, even during periods when the industry was flat to positive. Among the 243 magazines tracked by the Publishers Information Bureau, ad pages plunged an average of 28 percent, with revenues falling by 21 percent, in the first half of 2009 compared with the same period a year earlier. But Ebony's decline was sharper, as advertising dived almost 35 percent, dragging revenues down almost 32 percent, to $18.8 million from 2008's $27.7 million. And the deterioration of Jet magazine, Ebony's sister publication, was even more severe—about 40 percent in ad pages and revenues."

Yesterday, while visiting my mom, she said she was renewing her subscription to Ebony- after not subscribing for well over ten years. I laughed and asked, "What, is it 1992 again?" It's unfortunate, but I suppose plenty of other people view Ebony similarly. Well-respected, yes, but outdated. Essence has been the voice of the 30/40 something Black woman for years now, and I'm sure that has eaten away at Ebony's dwindling readership. Twenty somethings (are a ficle group- we liked the defunct Honey and Vibe Vixen, but I guess not enough to actually support them. And obviously, the fact there are so many great sites- for free- on the web has taken a huge toll, like with other publications.

Still, teasing aside, I hope Ebony makes it. It truly is a classic.

The Wonders of AutoTune!

Ok, I confess... I watch "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"... and usually I flinch and then cringe when I hear Kim screech, uh er, sing anything. But surprise, surprise, thanks to co-star Kandi (who actually CAN sing and is magic as a producer), Kim doesn't sound horrible in this re-done "Tardy for the Party"... amazing what Auto Tune can do!

And from "The Bonnie Hunt Show", more "Real Housewives" hilarity that is also funny, but unlike Kim's singing, is intentional!

"No, This Isn't Tacky At All..."

Oh, the lies stylists do tell to get their clients dressed.

Victoria Rowell REALLY likes Obama. Really.

Make A (Joyful?) Noise

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well, It Is The Best Video Of The Year

Diary of An Abortion Addict

This story pretty much left me speechless. From ABC News: "Irene Vilar worries that her self-described "abortion addiction" will be misunderstood, twisted by the pro-life movement to deny women the right to choose. Her book, "Impossible Motherhood," which will be released by Other Press on Oct. 6, chronicles her own dark choices: 15 abortions in 16 years, much of it as a married woman."

Book Excerpt:

For years, it didn’t occur to me that there was anything to tell about abortion. The opposite. There was much to forget. But I discovered that many other women were hungry to come to terms with a past scarred by cowardice and the need to cloak themselves in someone else’s power. Many had a history of repeat abortions. They, like me, were eager to find a language to articulate an experience they had seldom spoken about. My testimony is not unique. Beyond the antiseptic, practical language of Planned Parenthood and the legalistic or moralistic discourse of Roe v. Wade and its pro-choice and pro-life counterparts, there are few words to articulate individual, intimate accounts. About half of American women having abortions in 2004 (of 1.5 million reported) have had a prior abortion. Close to 20 percent have had at least two previous abortions and 10 percent three or more. A considerable number of the repeat abortions occur among populations with high levels of contraceptive use.

My own account can’t resolve the moral dilemma of my actions. Yet, I want to understand the spell a pregnant body exercised over me, my flawed desire to become someone, or something else. The diaries I kept guided me. My promise to the reader is to deliver an account of my addiction, a steady flow of unhappiness, the X-ray of a delusion, and ultimately, the redeeming face of motherhood.

Halfway through working on this book I got pregnant for the seventeenth time. I don’t think I would have been able to give birth without the call to accountability and self reflection that writing this story demanded. My daughter became the coherence emerging from the shameful mass of thirty-five years.

Yes, I was an abortion addict and I do not wish for a scapegoat. Everything can be explained, justified, our last century tells us. Everything maybe, except for the burden of life interrupted that shall die with me.

The Always Giving Samaritan...

...Diva posted this blog yesterday, and I found it a good reminder to not forget to give credit to Him who truly deserves it. Here's an excerpt:

"I was watching a commercial on television, where one person told someone a idea and another person took credit for the idea, then that person told another person, never telling who told them the original idea.

We steal Jesus thunder everyday when we don't give Him , his proper due, the glory due His name....

St. Luke 2:14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

We drive nice cars, wear beautiful clothes, jewelry , great hair styles, and lined haircuts, .....We live in good homes, have great jobs, our children are doing well and in good health, yet knowing and processing all this , yet we take the credit for everything thinking within ourselves its all about us..

the Word says the earth is the Lord and the fullness there of, We are without God nothing ! Styled as a brand plucked out of the fire...It takes the spoken Word of God that has creative power for us to become anything worthwhile......"

To read "Who's Stealing You Thunder" in it's entirety, click here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage."

Since K and I can check off the first two, we have been bombarded with questions regarding that last one. Questions, startling statements and outright demands (my grandmother really would like to have another great-grand, even though she already has 15!). I have been questioned so many times about the not-so-impending bundle of joy that I no longer can laugh it off. Or even smile. I think my expression is downright evil now since most people immediately try to retract it upon catching a glimpse of my outraged visage.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be so aggravated by the topic if I hadn't started hearing the questions about 6 weeks after tying the knot. I suspect a number of people believed I was already knocked up when we were married on October 24th of last year (yup, almost a year now... whoop, whoop!!!). I can understand why. I didn't actually get my engagement ring until a little over a week before our wedding. We married at City Hall, which raised quite a few eyebrows since I have four pastors in my family, including my Dad. However, I'm pretty sure many PK's out there can understand why I would not want to involve my ministerial family in one of the most stressful days of my life. I probably would've murdered one of them. We also had less than 15 people present, and while I purchased my dress at David's Bridal, it wasn't even a wedding gown, but one of their special occasion dresses. Oh, and we (with many thanks to my best friend, Giddel) threw the whole thing together in less than two weeks. In hindsight, I can see why some people would catch a whiff of gun powder... from the outside, it had the trappings of a shotgun wedding.

Contrary to some nosey people's belief, our wedding should be filed under "S" for small, not shotgun. Neither K or I were being held up while taking our vows.

In reality though, no one was forcing us to get married (both sets of parents tried to dissuade us to wait to have a bigger affair), and I was not even close to being in the family way. But as I mentioned already, people assumed, so by the beginning of December, I was having hands rub my belly and co-workers cooing about when I was due. I, calmly removed their hands, and informed them they were feeling the result of eating way too much over Thanksgiving. That was flab, not a fetus.

Unfortunately, the nosiness did not stop there. By the time February rolled around, acquaintances and friends had gotten in on the act. I was told my breasts were getting larger (this normally would make me happy since I've worn the same bra-size since 11th grade), but so were my hips (this never makes me happy). Certainly, I was expecting now (I might add, I was married just four months folks... not four years, but four MONTHS!)? I think this was around the point I could no longer laugh or smile but instead remained stone faced. I responded, still calmly, that no, I was not pregnant, and if they'd like to come with me to the ladies room, I'll gladly show them the soiled sanitary pad I had on... Ok, so I didn't say that part, but I wanted to. Actually, I just answered frostily "no."

This past summer, some of the initial questioners circled back to check in ("Nope, still not preggers"), and aggravated that no baby was forth coming, decided to share birth control failure stories based on TLC's "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant". This show, by the way, is so terrifying even a celibate friend of mine shared with me recently that after watching, she gets nervous. When people pull the I-saw-it-on-a-basic-cable-channel-show-so-it must-be-the-Bible-truth-meaning-you-are-pregnant-too-but-don't-know-it card, I have learned to just fold. They obviously know more about me then-me.

My innocent love of wearing tunics and baby doll tops have been misconstrued by the Baby Bump Brigade of actually being... dum dum dum!... baby-concealers!

Alas, though, it is September 22nd, and Autumn begins officially today. And to the astonishment of Alisha Belly Bump Watchers, I'm still not looking more rotund (although, still very full in the hips). As our one year anniversary approaches, my uterus is being scrutinized more than President Obama's healthcare reform. So let me, using this blog as a platform, make this astoundingly clear. I AM NOT PREGNANT, JUST FAT.

Thank you.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Perspective on Gay Marriage from a Christian...

... that is well thought out and doesn't devolve into either simplifying the possible social implications or alternatively, spewing out nasty, thou-shalt-burn-in-hell preachiness. It's about time we start having real discussions on this issue, and I'm happy that Matt at The Church of No People posted this blog. Check it out.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Maybe Glenn Should Step Away From the Dan Brown...

Glenn Beck reveals the vast left wing/progressive conspiracy evident in architecture in NYC.

Or not.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Was Kanye Right?

I ask that question not in how he behaved- thankfully, he's been almost universally panned for grabbing the microphone from Taylor Swift and interrupting her acceptance speech. Even the President agrees. No, I'm referring to what he said regarding who should have won Best Female Video.

Taylor was right in the middle of saying how she had always dreamed of winning, when Kanye grabbed the microphone and said he was really happy she had won but "...Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time." Hold up, let's re-wind that... Kanye said that B's "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" was one of the best of all time. Really??? This would mean it's in the league of say, Michael Jackson's "Thriller", Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" or "Like A Prayer" by Madonna. And, um, sorry folks, I don't think this video comes even close.

But how does it fare against it's competitors in this partcular category? Well, Katy Perry's "Hot n Cold" was fun, full of her usual bright, flirty costumes (Lady Gaga, please take note of how "unique" can be nonfrightening). But, it's no "I Kissed A Girl", so it losing is not a shock. Speaking of Lady Gaga, she was up for the nom as well for "Poker Face." It was creative, and different- maybe too different? Kelly Clarkson made a welcome reappearance on the pop world this year with "My Life Would Suck Without You", her first single since 2007's disappointing (to some- it has gone platinum) "My December". The song packed a punch, knocking Britney Spears' out of the number one spot. But the video? Not such a knockout. It was cute, not the best. One of my favorite videos of the past year-period- was Pink's punky "So What" in which she told the world she'd be fabulous without hubby Carey Hart (the two separated last year, but happily, have since reconciled). In the video, she's crazed- cutting down trees, riding through traffic on a lawn mower, attacking newlyweds- and it makes for an entertaining video. To be honest, I would've been happy if she won this category.

So should "Single Ladies" have taken home the prize? Let's actually look at the video itself, sans the catchy lyrics. You've got the ever beautiful B, along with two back up dancers, clad in tight black bodysuits dancing. It's shot in black and white, with a flat background and lighting that changes from bright to dark. And B has a mechanical glove thingy on her all important left hand. And really, that's it. There's no storyline, no costume changes. She looks gorgeous, but when doesn't she? The dance moves (often duplicated on YouTube) aren't groundbreaking. I've seen more complicated choreography in some Britney Spears videos. The most interesting thing about the video was when Justin Timberlake spoofed it on Saturday Night Live.

If you want a great example of how a simplistic black and white video can be exciting with great dance moves, watch JT's 2006 video for "My Love."

What about Taylor's video which actually did win? It's a pretty straight forward story- poor nerdy Taylor, the band geek is in love with the super popular jock, but he's crazy about the stuck up mean girl cheerleader (also played by Taylor). Sure we've seen it before (think "She's All That"), even having the singer play dueling roles (see Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker"). So, it's been done before- but I say so what. Every generation repackages the old and presents it as new. The teens today are going crazy for "Gossip Girls", a show about overly mature teens who use SAT words (see Dawson's Creek"), sleep around and manipulate (see "Cruel Intentions") and are filthy rich (see "Beverly Hills, 90210"), just like their 90's counterparts did (me included). Everything old is new again.

I like "You Belong With Me", both the song and video. It's nice country is seeing a resurgence on the pop charts. It's been awhile since the days of Faith Hill and Shania Twain's cross over success. Strictly dealing with the song versus "Single Ladies", Beyonce's song would take top honors. Not because it's better, in my opinion, but because it's a perfect pop song. Uptempo, simple lyrics, easily recognized with a catchy hook. However, pitting the two videos against each other, Taylor definitely wins it. There's a story there, one that countless generations can identify with. The underdog wins, which is pretty much what happened when Taylor beat Beyonce.

Happily, as we all know, things ended well. Beyonce won "Best Video of the Year" for "Single Ladies," and Taylor was able to finish her acceptance speech. So everyone involved were winners. Except Kanye, of course, who was wrong on his rudeness and who should've won. MTV (surprisingly) got it right.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Politics of Race

I was talking to my brother Joe yesterday about Congressman Joe Wilson's disrespectful interruption of President Obama's Healthcare Speech last week. I mentioned that this spirit is nothing new in American politics, and in my opinion, ever since former President Clinton's Lewinsky Affair, partisan ugliness has been on display, especially in the media. George W. Bush was attacked harshly throughout his two terms- he was labeled as a "hick", "stupid" and "inarticulate". Well, I'll have to agree with that last one.

Anyway, Joe agreed with my points, but noted the particularly ugly turn which has occured since Obama was sworn in. "When it comes down to it, it's about race. At one of those tea parties over the weekend, on a sign, Obama was depicted as an African bushman with a bone through his nose and a loincloth on! The sign said something about 'Socialism' at the bottom, but what does that depiction have to do with socialism? They wouldn't be attacking him so viciously if he were white."

Joe isn't alone in his observation. Former President Jimmy Carter, our 39th POTUS, made the claim that Wilson's outburst was indeed based on race:

While Wilson labeled the Prez as a liar, other prominent conservatives have been all out hateful. Recently talk show radio host/bloviator Rush Limbaugh, infamous for his controversial sayings, made inflammatory comments linking a case of school bullying to President Obama's race. According to Crunchy Con, " we have Rush Limbaugh blaming Obama for black kids beating up a white kid on a school bus. This is what happens in "Obama's America," he said today on his radio show." He continues by taking some of his fellow party members to task:

"How low will these people go? Look, I think it's important to talk about black male violence, or at least as important as it is to talk about any other important social trend. I don't think we should be squeamish about discussing it in a responsible and fair-minded way, despite what the politically correct say. But good grief, Limbaugh is up to something wicked. He's plainly trying to rally white conservatives into thinking that now that we have a black president, blacks are rising up to attack white kids! Christ have mercy, what is wrong with these people?... I can't see this as anything other than Limbaugh deliberately trying to whip up racial fear and loathing of the president. This goes far, far beyond tough criticism of Obama. Does that man Limbaugh have any idea what rough beast he's calling forth?"

I suspect he does. And I loathe this obvious exploitation of fear and hatred for any reason- but especially for political gain. In the end, I agree with Con writer Rod Dreber: "THIS IS EVIL."

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can't Wait To Read "The Lost Symbol"?

Well, this nifty Interactive Plot Generator courtesy of Slate should help satiate your thirst for all things Dan Brown! It really works. I put in "Washington" as a location and "New York Times" as the nefarious organization. Here's the story generated:

A mysterious code in the monuments of Washington. A murderous cult determined to protect it. A white-knuckled race to uncover the New York Times' darkest secret. The Forgotten Mark When renowned Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is summoned to the Lincoln Memorial to analyze a mysterious ancient script—imprinted on a gold ring lying next to the disemboweled corpse of the head docent—he discovers evidence of the unthinkable: the resurgence of the ancient cult of the Baalifori, a secret branch of the New York Times that has surfaced from the shadows to carry out its legendary vendetta against its mortal enemy, the Vatican. Langdon's worst fears are confirmed when a messenger from the Baalifori appears at the Capitol to deliver a macabre ultimatum: Deposit $1 billion in the New York Times' off-shore bank accounts or the exclusive clothier of the Swiss Guards will be bankrupted.

As the city braces for disaster, Langdon joins forces with the ambidextrous and charming daughter of the murdered docent in a desperate bid to crack the code that will reveal the cult's secret plan.
Embarking on a frantic hunt, Langdon and his companion follow a 200-year-old trail through Washington's most sacred monuments and venerable buildings, pursued by a one-handed assassin the cult has sent to thwart them. What they discover threatens to expose a conspiracy that goes all the way back to Adolph Ochs and the very founding of the New York Times.

The Worst Video for the "Best" Song

This photo was taken during an MTV interview during which Drake reportedly said Kanye West "oozes" creativity. Creativity to cleverly destroy Drake's burgeoning rap career, perhaps?

This past spring/summer, there were a few singles out that I put into my personal playlist rotation. Which really means they were on a mix CD K made that I played in the car on the way to run errands. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this CD and listening to it made driving around in Jersey traffic (more) bearable. Some of my favorite songs were Kid Cudi's "Day 'N' Nite" and "Make Her Say", Jay-Z's "Brooklyn (We Go Hard)" and Drake's "Best I Ever Had". It's this last one that has brought about the most emotion in me, and that's not a good thing in this case.

The song, far from being groundbreaking, is flirty, fun and somewhat sweet. While the song was laced with the usual sexual overtones, some lines are softly charming and cute: "Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin' with no make-up on/ That's when you're the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong". Drake raps of being able to "lean on" his girlfriend, a girl so loyal she's at "Every single show she out there reppin' like a mascot". Aww. Nice. She's there for him, he recognizes, acknowledges and appreciates it. So it's no "You're All I Need", either the Marvin and Tammi original or Method and Mary classic redux. But considering what else is playing these days on Hot 97, it's nice.

Or at least, I thought it was- until the video. At some point this summer, I was flipping through the channels and landed on it on MTV2 (since MTV seemingly ceased actually playing music videoes after N'Sync became instinct) and was immediately horrified. The video shows a bunch of girls on a basketball team, scantily clad, taking direction by Coach Drake. Slow-mo laps by the girls revealed more cleavage than the opening credits of "Baywatch" ever did. The video was not just contradictory- how did a song about ONE special girl visually translate to a video about a TEAM of unskilled girls?- but also confusing. How old are these girls? High school? Shudder... hope not, cause the video just went from poor to perverted. Why is Drake back in a high school, even if it is in a leadership position? I'd think after his stint at Canadian High School "Degrassi", he might want to leave that alone. But I guess not. Who, I wondered, could possibly be behind such a head scratchingly bad production? Drake couldn't have done this much damage to himself, could he? Of course not. He can thank Mr. Kanye Mess.

My advice to Drake is, stay FAR, FAR AWAY from crazy Kanye. Do you really want to take any career advice from this guy? Really, him? Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to learn I was not the only one who was sorely disappointed by the "Breast I Ever Had" video. K posted this hilarious spoof video on his blog on Sunday, and I had to re-post it here. It's hilarious!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rest In Peace To The Original Dirty Dancer

CNN has just confirmed that Patrick Swayze, star of such movies as "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost" has passed away from pancreatic cancer. He was 57.

He will be sorely missed. His family will be in my prayers.

To see the famous final scene of "Dirty Dancing" with Jennifer Grey, click on this link.

The VMAs Got Me In A Giddy State of Mind

Last night while I was watching the MTV Video Music Awards, I was also on Facebook, guilty of using my Status Update bar like it was Twitter. I commented on Kanye’s rudeness, Pink’s aerodynamic act, Beyonce’s classiness, and Jay-Z’s and Alicia Keys’ show closing performance of “Empire State of Mind.” In all honesty, I was giddy, giddy like a teenager. Most of my FB friends were opining away as well, dissecting Lady Gaga’s horrific, constantly changing wardrobe choices, and then her nightmare inducing rendition of “Paparazzi” (no really, K had a nightmare about Her Creepiness last night). Not since Obama’s inauguration have I seen so much activity, people’s statuses constantly in flux while instantly commenting on others’. Such fun. And now, so (too?) much has been said, written and tweeted about the most interesting VMAs since Madonna and Britney got all kissy back in ’03. But I can’t help myself, I want to add my two cents, too.

Russell Bland, ahem Brand is such a whack host. I didn’t find the British comedian (?) dandy last year, so I don’t get why he was asked to host yet again. But, alas, he was. While we were sparred mean spirited Jonas Bro. attacks, his jokes weren’t funny, and I found myself tuning him out every time he was on stage.

Madonna’s homage to Michael Jackson was surprisingly heartfelt, touching and sincere. Even though the overzealous audience interrupted Madge a few times with applause expecting a quickie speech, she calmly and evenly continued, giving a sweet personal remembrance. The subsequent dance tribute which included some of MJ’s best work was invigorating, and sister Janet’s live performance with an onscreen Michael for “Scream” was a nice surprise. This would’ve been the main topic of the night, and was until Mr. Kanbe a Mess…

Kanye proves the South Park guys right.

…behaved like an idiot. Maybe Bush doesn’t care about Black people, but Kanye West only cares about his ego. I think it’s pathetic that Kanye would interrupt Taylor Swift’s speech, and I’m glad he has at least apologized for his foolishness. Beyonce allowing Taylor to give her speech in her place after winning Best Video of the Year showed a level of class ‘Ye could only hope for. I was hoping he had learned a little humility after that whole South Park incident. My hopes were dashed last night.

Which one of these do not belong?

And speaking of “dash”, Lil Mama’s ridiculous dash on to the stage to not be welcomed by a just finished-performing Jay-Z and Alicia Keys was an epic fail. Even though, according to MTV news Jigga “had gestured for her to chill out seconds earlier and joked she was "T-Paining," the America’s Best Dance Crew judge still managed to reveal the second big lapse in security for the night. This afternoon Lil Mama issued her own weak mea culpa saying “I did not mean any disrespect towards Jay-Z or Alicia Keys," the statement reads. "I admire them and look up to them as role models. 'Empire State of Mind' had my emotions running high. In that moment I came up onstage to celebrate my two icons singing about NY." Ahem, that’s right, Mama, there was only TWO ICONS up on that stage, and you demonstrated why three is a crowd.

Even Eminem is taken aback by Her Creepiness.

Lastly, I’d just like to comment that Lady Gaga is… wow. I had been using the word “unique”, but she bypassed that the minute she showed up with Kermit the Frog as her date at the Red Carpet Pre-Show. Now, I’d have to say the spawn of Marilyn Manson and Amy Winehouse with a little Prince and Cher thrown in (thanks to my friend Tanya for the musical mix) is just bizarre. The Lady made me gag with her bloody faux hanging.

Want to comment? Feel free. This might not be as instantaneous as FB or Twitter, but it’s still pretty quick. And it’ll make me giddy. :-)

Kanye Mess, Uh Er, West's UnGentlemanly Behavior

From The Root, Jozen Cummings opines about Mr. West's show stealing blunder at last night's VMAs. And I totally agree:

"The MTV Video Music Awards were supposed to be about Michael Jackson—a do-over of sorts from the rushed, slapped-together tribute to the King of Pop displayed at this year’s BET Awards back in June. But in one quick moment, Kanye West did something so out of pocket, even BET would have been ashamed.

Anyone who keeps up with things like the MTV Video Music Awards is familiar with Kanye’s infamous tantrums by now. But last night’s bum rush of Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech for winning Best Female Video topped anything West had ever done. Rude is an understatement. As folks on the street like to say, Kanye acted like a straight chump when he snatched the microphone out of Swift’s hands as she was making her acceptance speech and yelled, “Yo, Taylor … I’m really happy for you, but BeyoncĂ© had one of the best videos of all time!”

Much like Congressman Joe Wilson’s “You lie” outburst during last week’s speech by President Obama to Congress and Serena Williams’ threats of ramming a tennis ball down the throat of a line judge at this year’s U.S. Open, Kanye West managed to reduce a grand occasion into a single sound bite of hot-tempered stupidity. Kanye ruined Swift’s night; it’s true. But he also squandered any hopes of MTV celebrating the mammoth success of his own album, last year’s 808s & Heartbreak, and his contributions to Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3, the brand new album from the co-headline performance at last night’s Video Music Awards. The man who once famously proclaimed that former President “George Bush does not care about black people” demonstrated that he doesn’t care about white people, at least ones who sing country music and are called Taylor Swift.

Please believe, part of the reason Kanye acted as boldly as he did was fueled by the fact that Taylor Swift is, well, Taylor Swift. She isn’t a black man who can rap, which is why Kanye’s actions are less like a baby and more like a bully...

To read the rest of the article, click here.

Kanye Will Interrupt Anyone's Speech...

... if given the chance. He he he... but seriously, does the whole country need to go in for anger management? (I'm looking at you, too, Serena.)

Arizona Pastor Preaches Sermon: Why I Hate Barack Obama

Ran across this frightening story thanks to an email from my friend Tangie. According to Black Christian News, Pastor "Steven Anderson, 28, was featured on CNN this week for the content of his sermons, including one earlier this month titled "Why I Hate Barack Obama." An audio of the sermon posted on Anderson's Web site includes what Anderson contends is proof found in scripture that "God hates Barack Obama. Anderson gave the sermon on Aug. 16 while Obama and his family were visiting Arizona."

Scary stuff, my friends. I suggest we pray-not evilly for harm, either- for Pastor Anderson and his flock. They need it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

My So-Called Adult Life

Yup, this is me... in so many areas of my life. I'm often boggled that I'm actually an adult! But as I pay a massive amount in taxes, I'm fully aware that yes, I am grown.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Globally, It Does Matter If You're Black or White...

... or Brown. Check out this CNN video about the increase in sales of skin whiteners- to Indian men.


Ode To The Truth by Clarissa Sylvestre Sainvilien

This beautiful piece was written by my friend Clarissa. Remember to cast all your fears on Him... He is there for you!


As I walk aimlessly away from what seems to be my personal apocalypse, a gentle breeze cools the tears rolling down my cheeks. I look back at the ruins, wondering if any of it could have been avoided.
Did I try hard enough?
I had just a glimpse of you and I fought to stand by you. I didn't even really know who or what you were, but I sensed that you would somehow protect me.
Oh but your oppressors did woe me... the war had begun long before I knew that I was the captain of my own brigade.
With every inch of territory gained, I earned your strength and you guided me through the roughest periods. At times I could even feel your power racing through me at high voltage... it gave me the courage to stand my ground, to stay firm, to even win a few battles...
But the enemy was cunning... It knew my faults and weaknesses, and preyed on them; it grabbed me from behind strong enough for me to just barely catch my breath...then caressed my soul so seductively I had to close my eyes.
What a worthy adversary... or so I thought.
I was then forced to retreat as I could no longer see clearly. The field of combat was an impossible one. I had lost you in the guise prepared by your opponent.
It was over. The foe has won.
So here I am walking away from the catastrophe that I myself had made and allowed. I look back only to see something emerge from the rubble. I river of tears ravage my face... It was You!
As the breeze calmed me, I was able to comprehend what actually happened: although I fell short and gave in to the enemy, you never left my side. When I was compromised, I lost sight of you... I thought you were gone.
But the shambles I see behind me are actually the collapse of our antagonist: Lies. He cannot thrive like you do. He is always morphing to suit his needs. He shrinks when discovered and creeps in the shadows of others' weaknesses.
You are never changing and ever strong. You always come to light. Always...
Oh Truth, I am only sad and ashamed that I didn't have more faith in you, that I wasn't lucid enough to recognize you from the beginning... because after all , I do know who You really are.

I am the way, the Truth, and the light..... (John 14:6)
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