Monday, January 4, 2010

Making a old trashed retro room,well retro... and umm not trashed.~ By Joseph Flemming

Alas, as a Cablevision subscriber, since the 1st, I no longer have HGTV. But thanks to my brother, Joe, I can get my home improvement fix with this guest blog. Hurray! Enjoy!


Making a old trashed retro room,well retro... and umm not trashed.

Funky 70'S Red tiling had seen better days, oh well scrape away.

Inspired by HGTV and a plethora of home improvement shows I decided to renovate my living space, and blog about it. Is the "do it yourself" method we see on these home improvement shows really as simple as they make it seem?

Ok so lets get right down to business; this floor comes directly from the 70's. Covering the Funky red Tiling was some equally "out of sight" puke green shag carpeting. Alas the carpet gave up the ghost years ago and the degrading red tile was all that was left.

When starting this project I considered three things: cost, time and existing materials. There is a LOT of work to be done all over this house (trust me on that.. you'll see)
I tried to ensure everything was even and leveled.

I digressed; So we will keep the wood paneled walls, find a floor to match for a totally retro look. (Scraping all of the old tile and thinnest mortar up with a scraping tool sucked though)
Almost all done,...finally

The BEDroom
With the final pieces of the floor done, it's time to build the bed.

To be honest the bed is freaking huge..really it takes up the whole room a little on the large side; and will pretty much take up the whole room, but the bed is so comfortable. (memory foam mattress)

Frame complete, almost done...(this crap is heavy!!) the bed is from BoConcept a great Danish furniture company. you can take a look here

Not fun.

Pulling Slats taut and drilling them down at the same time by yourself is a pain in the @ss.
why don't they ever give you enough of these?

Construction came to a halt for a day because these little tiny cam lock "bullets" went missing - lucky I found some extra ones.
Uhh oh, because this assembly was suppose to be a two person job we got some scratches on the veneer, hey it happens.. lets fix it.
Unfortunately a couple nicks in the veneer like this happens when moving or assembling furniture. there is a fix.

I use old fashion hard putty Fill sticks and then use a clear coat finisher. This involves liquefying the putty stick and over filling the desired area, and then leveling off the putty with a plastic edge (credit card works great here) a piece of cardboard to "sand" it for texture and blending and a clear finish.
Note:if you would like to repair your furniture sans heat & fire I recommend MOHAWK's family of furniture repair products;get them HERE
**caution light only the fill wax, not your hand**
Using a plastic edge carefully level off excess product.
"sand" product to match existing wood veneer; use a tone finish if needed.

Sweet Slumber awaits.

Well, that's it for the Floor and bed. Next up Installing floating shelves, a wall mounted bookcase, how to make a double window out of a single, and prepping the living room space for paint.


Joseph said...

I am honored for the re-post on F.A.R. thanks Alisha, although it's just meant as a little chronicle of my experiments on "Do-It-Yourself" and not really a guide or anything, thanks :)

Alisha De Freitas said...

Dude, it's a guide for me. I know nothing about your little flame trick. Learn something new everyday.

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