Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mariah Scary: Drinking + Acceptance Speech= Yikes!

It's January, the start of a new year and a new decade. It's also the start of Award Season, with musicians, singers and actors getting geared up to receive accolades for (supposedly) stellar work. Unfortunately, things have gotten off to a bumpy start, as evidenced by Mariah Carey's drunken acceptance "speech" (I'm putting that in quotes because there wasn't too much speaking going on, but there was a whole lot of drunk) on Tuesday night at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards.

Let me set the record straight- I am not a Mariah hater. I once loved her so much her Butterfly album cover hung above my bed. I still think she has a wonderful voice. I also know we're all human, and mistakes (like unexpected intoxication after throwing back too much wine??) can happen. But... I am sick and tired of the drunken/intoxicated/high sloppy mess in public performance by celebs. We can go back to '95 to see professional hot mess Courtney Love get into a weird catfight with Madonna at the VMAs thanks to inebriation. Anna Nicole Smith infamously slurred through an introduction of Kanye West a few years before dying of an overdose. And speaking of Kanye, we all know about his infamous interruption at the VMAs in September after gulping down some liquor on the red carpet on his way into the event.

So, to anyone nominated for a Golden Globe, Grammy or Oscar- please skip the booze. At least until the closing credits roll. Thanks.


Don said...

there really is something to be said about an award winning veteran singer who arrives onstage, inebriated.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Yes, good point! It's a sad something...

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