Thursday, January 7, 2010

That Must Have Been Some Kiss...

Flying the friendly skies? Not so much for travelers stuck at Newark Liberty on Sunday. (Pic from

On Sunday, there was a well-publicized breach of security at Newark Liberty International Airport here in my home state of New Jersey. In the wake of the attempted terrorist attack on a plane to Detroit on Christmas, officials were especially jumpy, and operations came to a halt for SIX hours, while passengers were re-screened. Turns out, the breach was not caused by a demented crazy but a kissy-faced love bird. From the Star-Ledger:

"All it took to breach security at Newark Liberty International Airport on Sunday night, stranding thousands of travelers and entangling flights around the world, was a simple stolen goodbye kiss.

Descriptions by security officials and a lawmaker who saw the long-sought videotape of the breach suggest the breakdown at Terminal C was even more blatant — and to some, more disturbing — than originally thought.

It all started, they said, with a man apparently seeing off a female passenger, trying to get one last kiss from her.

The revelations came as an outraged U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) pressed the Transportation Security Administration to release the tape.

On the tape, the man is seen embracing a woman at the C-1 security checkpoint before she passes through passenger screening, according to people who saw the tape. The man, who was not a passenger, walks past a spot where a TSA security officer should have been stationed to move closer to the woman.

While she holds up a rope — used to keep people who have not been screened from entering the secure area — he passes underneath and they walk hand-in-hand toward the boarding area before disappearing from view, the sources said."

Wow! Who knew one kiss could cause so much trouble? If there is one positive out of this whole mess, it's that at least Jersey can score one for the lovers instead of the fighters, what with our reputation for stereotypical Italian-American mobsters, murders, and yet even more stereotypical Italian-Americans- orange, gelled "guidos and guidettes" who love their alcohol and get in bar fights.

Got to love Jersey.


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