Friday, February 12, 2010

Hot, Sexy... & Married

A couple of days ago, in “No Ring, No Ting”, I introduced the topic of sex- premarital, marital, chastity, etc.- in hopes of discussion. I got a few comments (really good ones, too), so thank you to those who weighed-in. However, I know for a fact a whole LOT MORE of you were playing looky-loos. I have a status counter on this blog, so I know which entries are most popular- which stories were clicked on and even how long you stuck around to read them. In fact, on that story, I got TRIPLE the amount of viewers than I normally do for an average story. So you all are interested in reading about it, but are not necessarily forthcoming with writing about it. I didn’t know my FAR readers were such prudes, lol! Ha, just playing. Seriously, though, I think it would be fortuitous if we all had a discussion- no judgment. If you don’t want your name out there, remain anonymous. Or use a pseudonym. But do weigh-in… since I know you are here, don’t just be creepers!

A few times I have heard guys joke, "Yeah, me and her had a great sex life... then we got married." Except the dudes weren't joking. On the flip side, I've heard wives complain how uninspiring their husbands become over time in the bedroom. After months, even years, some women have chocked sex up to yet another chore on their "To-Do" lists after the laundry and before packing lunches for the kids for the next day.

Apparently, we Christians need workbooks just to work it out. If you're interested in this one,
click here.

But does it have to be this way? A nice guy named Bill Quinn doesn’t think so. A few months back, he sent me an email (you can too at telling me about his website “Romantic Marriage Stories”. Here’s an excerpt of his email:

“… I am a conservative, born-again, Evangelical Christian… I have a Web site on which I have posted a series of romantic stories that... I call the site "Romantic Marriage Stories" ( It is not explicitly a "Christian" Web site, but since I am a believer, my stories present the high, Christian view of marriage. (This is similar to the way you answered one of the questions on your FAQ page--"Is this a Christian blog?")

“Most men are "in the mood" more often than their wives. What is the wife to do? Should she say no when she’s not in the mood? There is a central theme running through my stories that I believe shows how a wife can actually turn this ‘problem’ into an ‘asset.’

“The stories I refer to are my Terry and Laurie series. The link to all 23 of them, together with a brief description of each, is found in the menu column on the left-hand side of my home page. Story 1, "Laurie Adds Pizzazz,” sets the stage and introduces Laurie’s “new strategy." The remaining stories in the series show how this strategy can be worked out in many cute, romantic, and sexy ways. Some of the stories emphasize humor, while others are very sweetly tender; all of them develop different romantic scenarios. They are happy, clean (no explicit descriptions of sex), romantic stories that show how a couple, especially a wife, can have fun with sex in marriage–even when she is not quite ‘in the mood’ as often as her husband.”

I’ve checked out the site, and his description of the stories are dead on. Nothing graphic, but, yes, still sexy, which nowadays seems impossible. The stories even provide great tips, games and advice to bring spice into an area that for far too many couples is bland. To check out a kiss-filled Valentine’s game, click here. Or you can read the site’s most popular story, “The Shy Wife’s Striptease.”

Do you know of other good sites? Feel free to share, and remember, your comments are wanted!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alisha,

I appreciate so much your recommendation of my Web site and my stories. It will seem too self-serving, so I won't say, "I agree with your comments"! :)

Like you, I hope you get a lot of feedback here. I'll be watching, and if anyone wants to "talk" to me, I chime in again.


Alisha De Freitas said...

You're welcome! I love that the stories provide such good ideas for couples to be fun and flirty. With so much stress in the world, we need our companions to be our best friends and lovers. Thank you for sharing!

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