Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mariah Has Gone Back, Like a Baby With a Pacifiah...

Stop playing, girl. Really, stop playing.

... ok, not really. But she has gone back to pretending she's some kind of college-age tease. Hmm, no, back further, to pretending she's a Barbie doll... if Mattel released Trashy Whore Barbie, complete with skanky nurse's costume and plastic street walker outfit in orange glow.

In her latest video, for the uninspiring "Up Out My Face" with rapper Nicki Minaj, a Young Money artist who has the dubious distinction-in my opinion- of making the helium-sounding Lil' Wayne sound good, Mariah plays dress up, blows kisses and chews gums. And wears outfits that would fit smugly on Victoria Beckham.

What happened, MC? It's like you've consistently grown down! Check it out:

Around '97, MC sans Tommy Mottola started rocking the skimpy dresses, but the music was still solid and she was in her late 20's...

...and barely out of her teens, Ms. Carey seemed to display the most maturity (and vocal ability).

Yes, I know she has said that was the show, that was the package presented by handlers. I just wish she'd once again be handled by a team who'd let her know rehashing a tired Lil' Kim video isn't a vision many true fans will love.


Keiron said...

She has a Benjamin Button syndrome.

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