Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm Disconnecting This "Telephone"

Dear Lord. When my brother Joe told me he was freaked out by the Lady Gaga and Beyonce collabo "Telephone", I knew it was be strange, disturbing, even. I didn't think I'd spend the entire time watching it with my mouth stuck in a "O" position.

I have a conflicted opinion about Gaga. Her music is catchy, but after watching every video she's put out after "Poker Face" I've become increasingly leery. Her costumes make Tim Burton movie wardrobes' seem like something you could pull off the rack at Target. She murders boyfriends with abandon. She plays with guns and nudity. All while claiming celibacy and women's inability to freely express themselves sexually.

The Disturbing Duo.

My opinion is now set. As talented as she is, she's freakin' scary. After watching the "Telephone" video, I quickly said a prayer (really). So, be forewarned. THIS VIDEO IS RATED R. IT FEATURES CURSING, PARTIAL NUDITY, AND DEPICTIONS OF MURDER. On a side note, why Tyrese? Why? We all know your music career died a long time ago, but still...???


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