Friday, April 16, 2010

Since "Showgirls" Was Like, Way More Moving Than "The Passion"

Who needs a cross when you can have a pole? It certainly killed Elizabeth Berkeley's career!

From Big Hollywood:

"Director Paul Verhoeven doesn’t like all the violence in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion” because Jesus Christ’s suffering freeing us from our sins is ”not true,” is not all that different from the painful way in which a lot of people die (so why make such a big deal out of it?), and is not what Christ is “about.”

Here’s what Christ is “about,” according to Verhoeven’s book, “Jesus of Nazareth”:
Verhoeven constructs a new vision of Jesus as a child born from the rape of Mary by a Roman soldier, as a spiritualist who performed exorcisms by screaming and spitting in the mouths of the possessed to drive out demons, and as a militant revolutionary who urged his followers to arm themselves.

The good news is that Verhoeven would like to bring his interpretation of the life of Christ to the screen. You know, because he’s money-driven, not agenda-driven… Just another greedy Hollywood capitalist. Funny how non-believers spend so much time, energy and aggression attacking something that’s, uhm, not real. You’d think they’d give leprechauns and unicorns a little grief, but for some reason they’re always drawn to Christianity.

Wonder why?"

Even though in his opinion, Jesus' life and death was far from epic, he apparently has no problem cashing in on it through a book or a future movie. We all have to a god, I choose the Lord, Verhoeven, mullah. Not so shocking.


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