Thursday, May 27, 2010

Music Malaise: Christina's Back & Dirtier Than Ever...

...unfortunately for the pop singer, not enough people care. From The Huffington Post:

"Christina Aguilera has canceled her 20-date summer tour, which was scheduled to begin in July.

Live Nation, the tour's promoter, released the following statement:

"Christina Aguilera's summer tour has been moved to 2011 due to prior commitments that the singer had made to her film, 'Burlesque,' and to the promotion of her new album, 'Bionic.' The singer felt she needed more time to rehearse the show and with less than a month between the album release and tour dates this wasn't possible."

Could poor ticket sales be the real reason?

"Not Myself Tonight," the first single off Christina's new album, charted at a disappointing 23. The video for the song (scroll down to watch) was widely panned and regarded as an oversexed Gaga ripoff.

Christina's new album will be released June 8 but has already been leaked in full. 'Bionic' is her first album since she took time off to have her son, and she has been working on it since 2008.

'Burlesque,' a musical costarring Cher, is due out in November. The singer recently posed nude for German GQ.

Just last week Christina told Popeater she planned to wow her fans on her upcoming tour.

"My plan, as I have done in the past, is not to disappoint and to put on a show that my fans will love," she said. "Fans will have to come see the show to find out what we have in store."

As I should've done with Rhianna's new video, here is a warning. This video is not for children. It actually manages to make X-tina's 2002 "Dirrty" look like it's just a little soiled. And that's a major feat. Of ickiness.

While many people are saying Aguilera ripped GaGa, I don't totally agree. While it does remind me of the "Telephone" singer, it's much more obviously influenced by Madonna. At any rate. it's still below Aguilera's talent level. Back in the late 90's when people were being charmed by Britney's school girl act, I prefered Christina's sky high vocal range and easy soulfulness. Britney had to strip down to her skivies; Christina could've stayed in that bottle and still would've shattered it and her blonde counterparts. I first took note of Christina's pretty voice at 16 when I heard Disney's Mulan soundtrack. She wonderfully sang "Reflection". On her first solo album, she took a standard pop song, "What A Girl Wants", and injected some Mariah Carey-esque talent in.

Although blogger Perez Hilton is writing her off, I'm not writing her off so quickly. When "Dirrty" was first released, it didn't make a huge splash either. Then "Beautiful" came out, and we were reminded why she is a star. She CAN sing. And just like, the fickle world of pop pushed her back on top again. And of course, when she went "Back to Basics" she remained there. My favorite Aguilera song, by the way, is the non-single R&B "Loving Me 4 Me":

If I were her manager, I'd just flush "Not Myself Tonight" down the potty, and move on to where her fans (me included) like her, singing her heart out, like she did on last night's "American Idol", where she put the kiddies to shame:


Savino said...

Like yourself, I would be satisfied with a soul album from Christina Aguilera. The chance of that ever happening are slim and none. But just as Tina Turner allowed her rock appeal to crossover, I believe Aguilera can accomplish the same through her soulful vibe.

I remember she sang a Whitney Houston clasic once at an awards show. This was during a time where no one dared touch a Whitney song.

Blew me away.

Since Gaga and Beyonce control popular music buttons there will be many artists emulating their appeal.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Hi Savino! Thanks for commenting! While I'm a neo-soul kind of girl, I can get down with rock, too, and some pop. I love that you mentioned Tina, because she is one of those singers who can sing soul and rock. Pink is an artist who does both (remember her debut album? remember "There You Go"?).

Just what we need- a bunch of Gaga and Beyonce clones. Blah.LOl.

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