Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Music Malaise: Ri Ri's Revealing "Rock Star"

Um, yeah, I'd definitely say Bondage is not a look I'll ever be into...

Continuing on her theme of violence, darkness and sex, "Little Miss Sunshine" has put out another disturbing video, "Rockstar 101," this time teaming up with guitarist Slash.

Rihanna is pretty much naked, save for some well placed chains. But what is going on with this girl? Why the continual descent into darkness? She acted out her death in multiple ways in "Russian Roulette"; took it to the battlefield, flashing her behind while going "Hard"; and combined dance hall with wild animal imagery to snarl her way through the overtly sexual "Rude Boy".

One of FAR's most dedicated readers, Don, who has his own blog, Minus The Bars, warned me that I'd find "Rockstar 101" cringe-worthy, and he was right. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but one doesn't have to read between the lines to see the Bajan singer is jauntily winding her way down a disturbingly sinister path. I for one will not be following this Siren's call to gloom.


Don said...

Good to see you weigh in on Rihanna's new video. I figured you had valuable input to add....

That opening image of Rihanna does appear very scary. LOL!

What in the world is happening with Rihanna? If I am the video's director, at some point, I have to ask Rihanna to explain the meaning behind the demonic spirits and all.

Maybe she and a few others simply consider it to be "performing." But
I have a feeling it's much more deeper than the "pieces of the puzzle" being shown.

I wonder how Jay Z feels about it? Oops - wrong guy to ask.

p.s. Thanks for the blog mention. I added the link to this particular post to Wednesday's blog post.

Alisha De Freitas said...

"I wonder how Jay Z feels about it? Oops - wrong guy to ask."

LOL! Ha! I think the director most likely is in on this sort of thing. *Shudder*

Thank you for the link. It'll be nice to see my stat number for the day creep past 7. Lol!

Rich Fitzgerald said...

It's early, so I think I'll pass on the negative spirits.

I'm glad someone is calling attention to these musicians who seemed to have sold their souls. I just hate that so many young girls actually like and look up to her.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Hi Rich,

Thanks for leaving a comment! I'm at a lost for what's happening in today's music. Violence and sex are morphed to create disturbing videos, and kids eat it up like candy because the production is high and the singers are attractive. I find it frightening.

I don't have kids yet, but God willing, if I do,I shudder to think what will be popular by the time their teens.

Living, Loving @ Laughing said...

The Love of money is the root of ALL evil, they will sell their souls and exploit themselves, just to be in the limelight they spiral downward slowly into the grips of utter darkness and hell.....what will a man give in exchange for his soul ? .........I rather have Jesus than all this world has to offer...I don't care if no one screams my name ... as long as Jesus knows my name thats enough for me ! keep on writing and shedding light on the tough issues of today my Sister! be blessed!

The Jaded NYer said...

I'm going to be the only voice of dissent here and respectfully disagree.

1- the chain outfit is not much different than a string bikini in my opinion. If she were on the beach you'd probably be getting the same view.

2- Sex sells. It's nothing new. She's been flowing this this "sexy starlet" vibe for a minute. She's not the first and she won't be the last. Eventually she will re-invent herself once again and move on.

3- I can't be mad at ANY song featuring the awesome guitar stylings of Slash, and her homage to him in the end was brilliant! (Where's she get that HAT?!)

4- A lot of this is for shock value. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying don't take it too seriously. It's the nature of the beast these days. I don't think it means she worships the devil & has sold her soul.

5- I also think we need to let go of the "little girls look up to her" mantra already. That's on the parents, not on Rihanna. She's not here to be a role model, she's here to sell records.

PS- you can thank Don for sending me here LOL

Alisha De Freitas said...

Hi Jaded NYer,

Thanks for commenting. Dissent is cool. When I freelanced for Vibe I personally was attacked by commenters, so voicing disagreement for what I wrote isn't bad, So let me respond point by point:

1.)Okay. But it's the fact she's using her sexiness as a cover for her low level of talent. Sorry,her talent hovers in that Ashanti/Britney range of high production to cover for nasally weak singing. And I'm not listening to music for sexy, cute girls.

2.)Yes, it does. I wrote about that not too long ago about a recent spate of nakedness in videos, PR stunts and magazines. But again, I'm not buying or listening to something I HEAR because of what I SEE.

3.)No problem with Slash! LOL! I think he was underused and somewhat misused, though. He deserved better material.

4.)I'm not into the habit of labeling anyone's spiritual state or proclaiming some singer worships the devil unless... they say so. I don't know this girl, and it would be unjust of me to judge her as a person or her soul. Now, as for her videos and music, yes, I will say they have taken a decidely dark turn I don't like. Flashing guns, depicted one's own death, depictions of war- all a bit much for a pop singer. It's fine if you disagree, but that's how I see it.

5.) I'm a moderate, so I fall pretty much in the middle on things like societal issues. Number one defense for kids are parents.They should be monitoring what their kids are watching on TV and the internet. But let's not pretend that kids are in some other worldly bubble. You want to gleefully depict murder like Gaga did in the "Telephone" video? Don't play that until the kiddies should be in bed. It was only a few years ago MTV was cautioning it's viewers about Jigga's "99 Problems" and barely airing Kanye's "Flashing Lights". So when the boys do it bad, but for the girl pop singers, okay??

Finally, I don't know if you have, but if you look around this blog, you'll notice I'm a Christian, and my writings reflect that. While this isn't a Christian blog, per se, my perspective is coming from there. But thanks a lot for commenting and I will thank Don (really). I am a Sarcastic Jersey Girl- I have to have thick skin!

The Jaded NYer said...

HA!! I laughed when you said "low level talent" because truer words were never written.

I agree with you 100% on that point- her voice is BLECH and she's always been more flash than actual skill.

After I left the comment I did relaize your blog was in keeping with Christian beliefs so I'm so glad I didn't use profanity and behaved myself... my momma raised me right LOL

Be well!

Alisha De Freitas said...

She sure did... btw, I checked out a couple of your blogs and you're funny! Are you a professional writer? Go to school for it?

I did... but freelancing doesn't pay the bills, girl, so this is for fun. :-)

well, here's to hoping true talented singers come back in style (and when they do, don't become crazed crack heads)!

Have a great day!

The Jaded NYer said...

Yes I write & edit (and teach Spanish) for a living and NO they don't pay all the bills, but I've got this starving artist lifestyle down to a science LOL

And I did go to school for it but not journalism- creative writing. I already KNEW I was gonna live on Ramen all of my days when I applied to that Grad program hahahahaha

Thanks for visiting my spot; you're welcomed to stop by anytime. And feel free to pray for my soul- everybody else does LOL

Alisha De Freitas said...

Aww, I will definitely be checking back in and praying for you.

Teach Spanish? Do u make trips to Jersey? I've just started Rosetta Stone, and I'm focing myself to learn the language! I took 3 years of it, got A's, but still end up w/ "Que?" when asked anything. My husband knows Portuguese and some Spanish, while my bro knows Spanish... I feel left out! Typical convo:

Person: "Como estas, Ms. Alicia." (um, it's pronounced AH-LEE-SHA, but that alright, lol)?

Me: "Mas o menos" (um, I'm being real. Nobodies "bien" all the dag on time.)

Person: "Aye, Entiendo. Tuve el fin de semana peor ..."

Me: "HUH?" (yikes, now realizing person mistook my non-typical answer to mean I know Spanish, when I don't even know Spanglish! Ahh!)

This scenario happens over and over. Want to pray that I learn Spanish (or take a couple of bridges over to tutor me?)? Lol!

I admire your starving artist-follow your dreams attitude. I tried it for a year and gave up. Now I just write here and no one notices. Except Don. And God bless her, Christine. My sister really does say, "Are you really bored" regarding my blogging. Even though it's been over a year, lol.

But that's okay, cause now my words, no matter how inane, will be recorded for posterity! Ha!

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