Monday, May 17, 2010

White, Black & In-Between

CNN's Anderson Cooper sat down with a group of school kids to find out their perspectives and perception of color.

While some of the kids definitely have good perspectives on skin color, the first two children's answers broke my heart. Here's to hoping that one day they'll be happy to have brown skin, seeing the beauty in the range of colors.


Don said...

Yes I understand why the first two replies left you heartbroken. They are heartbreaking statements.

I enjoyed watching the video but I felt a quiet sadness the entire time.

Enjoyed, due to the manner in which each child was able to articulate themselves. The black child w/ the glasses stated: "You don't judge people on how they look, you should judge them on how they act."

Sad, due to fact that these particular kids, good or bad, appear to pretty much convey the sentiments of society. There is hope though.

Love how the white child expressed there is not really a different between people of color. Agreed.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Ditto, Don!

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