Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why Doesn't God Answer All Prayers?

I found this great video over at Wintery Knight's Blog. It discusses the problem of unanswered prayer- which is the entire premise for the very popular atheistic website Why Won't God Heal Amputees? It's by Jim Wallace:

I have to admit, this is a hard subject for most Christians to discuss, and I've been struggling with it for a while. There have been a few crystal clear moments when I prayed in earnest, yet did not receive what I begged for. At 14, I asked God to save my parent's marriage. Their divorce was finalized when I was 17. In 2005, during a snowstorm I prayed wholeheartedly that I would get home without having an accident, only to total my car 3 blocks from home. Two years ago, I tearfully prayed that my friend Robyn's mother would recover from a heart attack. By the end of the week I was kneeling by her coffin holding Rob's hand, my heart torn for her deep loss.

No, the answers to prayers often don't turn out the way we think they should. I wouldn't be sick right now. Neither would my parents. But thinking about my past, I can see how God has answered so many countless others. An academic scholarship for five years to college... that I didn't even apply for. My "totaled" car was repaired two months after the accident (thank God for car insurance). The fact that I and the other two drivers walked away from the crash without even a cut is something I'm still thankful for. But most importantly, God has given me the gift of eternal life, which far outweighs anything I could want during this one.


Don said...

This is a subject that has weighed heavily upon my mind, at times.

And I always wondered how I could pray almost four years and counting for something very dear to my heart and not yet receive. I never feel like I ask for anything selfish or slight of hand or anything like that. But I simply begged for the return of my two little girls who I helped bring into this world. Who I had cared for from the day they were born.

So anyways I ended up feeling like maybe I wasn't worthy or something. My mother said that it will be answered, soon enough.

Good post.

Alisha De Freitas said...

I'm sorry about your situation. I'll pray about that (praying for others helps me so much more than praying for myself). Your mother sounds like she has a lot of faith. Thank God for praying mothers and grandmothers! Sometimes I think our community would totally disintegrate if not for the prayers of Godly, faithful women (nothing against the dudes... it's just I've found most prayer warriors are females!).

I think if God just gave us everything we wanted we would probably just stay babies spiritually. And we need to be strong in the spirit to deal with all the hardships in the natural world. But believe me, I KNOW its hard.

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