Thursday, May 13, 2010

Would You Wear These?

From AOL's StyleList:

Testing the Pantless Trend in New York City

by Lindsey Schickner

"When designers send grand, fashion-forward clothes down the runway, as artful and glorious as they are, there's always the question that lingers in an editor's head: will that work in the real world?...

In the StyleList office, we wondered what would happen if a real woman wore those pretty pantaloons around town. Of course as the fashionable assistant (and youngest member) of the staff, I was nominated to test the trend, much to my own nervousness and personal humiliation. (Let's remember this at review time, lovely bosses!)...

"Obviously this trend only works on the best of bodies and definitely in the 30-and-under category," says stylist Meg Goldman. "Don't even think about it if you are older than that and not toned."

Under 30? Check. Toned? No comment.

But, as get ups go, I was wearing some of the finest threads that the world has to offer. That said, as I walked out of the office in a beautiful Dolce & Gabbana ensemble straight off the Spring 2010 runway, (sheer floral top, $725 and tiny floral pantaloons, $650), my confidence took a dive faster than Michael Phelps at the Olympics....

"What the --- is she wearing?" slapped me back to the reality that I was strutting around in basically no bottoms -- including some co-workers who didn't recognize me! This was a chorus that was echoed regularly by strangers throughout the course of my hour-long experiment, along with cat calls from construction workers and yes, even the Good Humor man."

To read the whole article, click here.

Okay, speaking as an under 30 female with not-so-toned thighs- there is NO WAY I would ever wear those things! Even if I were to hit the elliptical for 3 hours a day and develop thighs that could crack walnuts, NO! "Floral pantaloons" for $650? That's the rent on a studio apartment in my building! And for a piece of fabric so tiny it makes my scarves look like Duggar style skirts??? Just the fact that they are called "pantaloons" should be a clue to 21st century women that this is most definitely a no-go. What's next? Stripped bloomers?

Designers, please take note: just like rocking thongs and low-riders was a style disaster, trying to convince normal women that panties as clothes is high fashion is a colossal fail. Oh where has class gone? Maybe cut to shreds to make those shorts. But I give credit to the writer. You're a far braver girl than I. :-)


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