Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" & its "Homoerotic Military Theme"

And lest, dear reader, you think I came up with that description of Gaga's new video, "Alejandro", let me provide the quote from the People.com story:

"Topless men, a rubber-clad nun, androgyny, seductive dance moves and a pierced human heart? It's all part of a new music video that could only belong to Lady Gaga. Directed by fashion photographer Steven Klein, the nearly 9-minute long video for the singer's current single, "Alejandro," premiered Tuesday, featuring Gaga with a new cropped cut in a sequence of black-and-white images resembling both Madonna's "Vogue," "Express Yourself" and Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation."

But there's also signature Gaga touches as well. From the circular goggles to the black veil she dons as a grieving lover, the singer, 24, who told Larry King the video has a "homoerotic military theme," even goes topless towards the end of the video."

She's only 24? Really??? Wow. Okay, let me focus. Anyway, Gaga continues on the violence is sexy theme she had going in "Telephone" along with the homoeroticism, but this time switches out girl-on-girl action for the fellows. She still manages to get down and dirty with one of them in some scenes- while dressed as a nun in others. And can I just say, while I'm not Catholic, I think it's very low to take symbols prominent to their faith and desecrate them so. Deep-throating a rosary? WHY? Oh, how revolutionary, how anti-establishment- attacking the staid church so! *EYEROLL*

Anyway, here's the video, if you dare. But be forewarned. It's a shame really that this girl has talent yet its buried under all the freakiness.

UPDATE JUNE 9th: Fauxmosexual and Pastor's Kid Katy Perry has added her two cents on Gaga's new video. From HuffPo:

Lady Gaga's long awaited 'Alejandro' video came out Tuesday, and at least one person is not impressed. Katy Perry took to Twitter to air her issues with Gaga's use of Madonnaesque use of Catholic imagery:

'Alejandro' features Gaga dressed in a latex nun's habit, sucking on rosary beads and at the center of a gay orgy dressed in a crucifix-emblazoned robe with a cross over her crotch.
The teaser for Katy Perry's 'California Gurls' video, in which frosting shoots from her breasts, was also released Tuesday."


Don said...

Yes, yes, agreed to the fullest.

Lady Gaga's musical genius is (often times) overlooked due to her enigmatic and sometimes far too creepy behavior. Whereas I can actually watch Rihanna's occult-like videos, I steer clear from Stefani Germanotta.

Rihanna is play-acting when she delves into the alleged worship of evil/demonic spirits. I believe this is pretty much understood.

There is nothing about Lady Gaga which leads me to believe she isn't dead serious. So, of course, that in itself bothers me.

I couldn't sit and watch the entire video, but doesn't it appear that each decade ends up getting one of these big budget anti-establishment videos?

Jaz said...

I think she's talented but far too strange for me. But I don't like Rihana or most of the Pop singers now.

MJ4EVA said...

Katy Perry wants to talk? PLEASE. She walks around half naked and sings about kissing girls. She's a hater and mad cuz her 15 minutes are up. One hit wonder hypocrite.

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