Sunday, August 22, 2010

Florida Church Plans to Burn Qurans on 9-11

Just in time for Ramadan: fear and loathing, courtesy of John Q. Public.

Geesh. Really showing the love of Christ here, aren't you, Pastor Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach Church in Gainsville, Florida. Hold up, before I share the news part of this story, can I just critically question why a church with the name "Dove" a symbol of peace, and "Outreach" which means...well, reaching out to the "World", would BURN another religion's holy book? Why? I don't know, maybe violence for public spectacle will have those Muslims running into your church of peace, forsaking Islam for the cross...*rollseyes*...

Okay, on to the story:

I love how Reporter Varnum gives the time for the burning, too, despite the fact it's resulted in hostility across the community and "death threats." It's okay, though, I'm sure the station will be live @ the scene on the 11th, broadcasting the hate...*anothereyeroll*...

What's going on? The nation is up in arms over a mosque being built a few blocks from the WTC site, hateful ads are being plastered to the side of buses, and nearly 20% of the public thinks President Obama is Muslim. Which made me giggle until I read reports that the White House PR folks are trying to do "damage control". WAIT- so even his own staff feels like being perceived as Muslim warrants press releases and statements about receiving Bible Scripture packed devotionals on his Blackberry daily? Giggles to sighs, folks.

I am a Christian. I make no secret of this. This blog, along with news on pop culture, discusses Christianity, my faith walk and... Christ. In my rather bland "About Me" box, I put it out there. I heart my (crazy) family, my (awesome and sane) husband and God. I'm a Girl Gone God. And not just in some fuzzy, generic way. While I'm "spiritual" as the Gen Xers & Yers like to say, I am religious (oh, stop it, I can hear your gasps through the screen). Religious as in I am a CHRISTIAN. I accepted Christ in my heart. I am "Born Again" (again, stop it with the gasps). I have my favorite chapter in Psalms, actually pray for people when I say I will (well, uh, most of the time), pay tithes (well, really, most of the time), and keep a bunch of tracts in the car (unfortunately, I forget to hand them out most of the bad). I was dedicated, baptized and feel proud to take communion. And yes, I do believe Christ is going to come again (hmm... silence... I guess those gaspers checked out after that "Born Again" part. Probably gave them visions of "PTL" and Tammy Faye or Dobson, lol).

I wrote all that to say, I am a Christian. And because of my faith (and well, a strong sense of... um, DECENCY), I do not hate Islam. I have no disdain for Muslims. In fact, quite a few of my most ardent supporters in writing are Muslim (and Jewish and "Spiritual"). I have some really awesome friends who are Muslim. In fact, one of the first people to stop and encourage me about being sick is my girl Ilaf (thank you, by the way). So I'm not only appalled by all this hating going on, I'm disturbed and... well, confounded. I understand it's August, and the talking heads at Fox News & CNN have to fill the hours with some trumped up story to get viewers (instead of reporting on, I don't know, the disaster in Pakistan or the many landslides occurring in China). But why are so many people so tuned into the fear, loathing and hate being lobbed at an entire group of people, this group, by the way, making up A BILLION people on this planet? Why? Why?... Okay, I'll stop with the "whys" now because I'm about one away from sounding like that tried-to-be-deep-but-was-still-shallow Jadakiss song.

But if anyone would like to answer, shoot.


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