Monday, August 9, 2010

Music Malaise: Ready Or Not...

... here he comes. As you all know by now (sorry, I was on vacation folks, and K had a strict no laptop rule in place!), former Fugees member and solo performer Wyclef Jean has announced he is going to be running for President of still-very-much-ravaged Haiti. From The Christian Science Monitor:

"Hip hop star Wyclef Jean (widely known simply as Wyclef) will run for president of Haiti, according to reports. The announcement sets the stage for an interfamily election battle between Wyclef and his uncle, a former ambassador to the United States.

Analysts are predicting that Wyclef could parlay his star power and enormous popularity with the nation's youth into a solid electoral victory. Even more valuable than being a three-time Grammy Award-winning musician, though, says Eduardo Gamarra of Florida International University, is Wyclef's cash reserves.

"He’s a very, very strong candidate," the political science professor says. "Especially when nobody else has the resources."

Wyclef told TIME magazine and CNN on Tuesday that he will campaign in the Nov. 28 election. The Associated Press verified the announcement with Haitian political heavyweight Pierre Eric Jean-Jacques.

Mr. Jean-Jacques, as the former leader of the country’s Chamber of Deputies (the lower house of Haiti's parliament), is something akin to former House majority leader Newt Gingrich, though not ideologically. He now heads the one-year-old coalition party Ensemble Nous Faut (We Must Do It Together) that is putting forward Wyclef as its presidential candidate...."

But not everyone is shouting "Felisitasyon" in regards to Jean's run. Actor and Humanitarian Sean Penn is one, while Clef's former band mate Pras Michel is another:

Pras does raise some good points. Is Wyclef prepared to handle all the staggering problems that have occurred and continue to arise in the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation?

Here in the U.S., there have been a number of celebs to make the leap from performer to politician, such as Sonny Bono, Jesse Ventura and most famously, former President Ronald Reagan. Maybe it's not so far-fetched. After all, don't they all have to put on a good show?

Shakira's hips don't lie. Here's to hoping Wyclef's lips won't.


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