Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Be My Guest: On Glenn Beck & Evangelical Christians

Woot, woot! My laziness can continue! I have another guest post, this time from FAR reader Alan. He wrote this in response to a recent Christianity Today article, "Beck Wants To Lead, But Will Evangelicals Follow?" Last week I posted a link to this story on the Far Above Rubies Fan Page on Facebook (and if you haven't hit the "Like" button yet, please do!), and Alan took up his pen... well got to his keyboard and submitted this. And by submitted, I mean he wrote this in a combox and I decided to post it here. So, thanks Alan! Enjoy!

"Ok so here is the deal, we have fallen so far sometimes, that we cant even see the deception in front of us, or we choose not to see it because it suits our needs for the moment. Are we forgetting that this guy is Mormon? I cant sit here a...nd speak about his political stance, as I choose not to listen to him, but I do know that you could put voice changers on him and Rush Limbaugh and not be able to tell the difference between the two.

How can you call your self a pastor, preacher, leader, bishop, or whatever label you deem makes you feel important, and sit here and say, “Glenn Beck's Mormon faith is irrelevant”. So the next time we need a speaker for the Feed The Children campaign, I suppose we should recommend Osama Bin Laden, since he has such a pull on the rich people of the middle east. Don’t worry his Islamic faith is irrelevant. It’s essential to who you are and what you believe.

I commend the individuals who stated, "It's sad to see so many Christians confusing Mormon politics or American nationalism with the gospel of Jesus Christ." By electing someone to represent you, you are essentially saying that you want the way this person lives their life, the things they believe in, the things the say, the way they treat others, to represent us to the world. How better to tug on the hearts of believers then to mention your faith in “god” (I use little “g” on purpose). Many people I have spoken with about him, didn’t even realize that he was a Mormon. They have heard him talk about faith, and assumed he was Christian along with the fact he is on the FOX news station.

Its amazing and sad at the fact that we as a society want to be so co-existent with other religions, that we are now bending the rules and allowing others to speak for us, and appear to be us. And now back to you Mr. Fallwell who thinks that his faith is irrelevant. This is the same individual who allowed Glen Beck to come to Liberty University and give a commencement speech, which turned out to almost be a sermon, as Mr. Beck was speaking on the many things that “god” has done in his life.


I was actually in the process of getting ready to attend their online degree program, but was so disgusted over their actions I withdrew my acceptance. How can you have a Doctrinal Statement for your university such as this:


And allow someone to speak on your behalf, to your students, and family, and give them and honorary degree if their beliefs are as such:


Now I don’t want to appear s though I don’t care for people of other religions and faiths, that is the last thing that I am. Even with our differences in who we believe God is, I still believe we should interact with each other, live amongst each other and so on. But when you start to shade out the truth with that which is soooo sooooo false then we have an immediate problem.

Where our problem begins is that we have made too many compromises in our lives of what is right and wrong. But we do it in such small increments, that you don’t notice how much you have changed until you begin to look at where you came from. We need to restore the standards in our lives and stick with them, don’t sell out what is true for something that is the popular idea of the moment. Don’t allow someone to speak for you under the guise of Patriotism and then allow his religious beliefs to be integrated into yours.

The enemy will use every power and skill that he has to deceive you and get you to move from Gods right hand to his left. I could go on and on, but I don’t write this to bash the man. Im sure like us all he loves this country, wants to see it protected and enriched. However let us see who the man really is before we allow him to sit at our table and say grace….."

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