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Music Malaise: Christian Rapper Bizzle Takes on Jay-Z, Kanye & Rick Ross

Christian Rap Artist Bizzle.

Much has been made about Jay-Z and Kanye's rumored ties to the Illuminati, Freemasonry and even Satanism. If you've been under a cyber rock for the past couple of years and haven't heard this, just do a simple YouTube search and you'll quickly be bombarded about how Hova is anti-Jehovah.

I've purposely steered clear of this conversation on this blog, but let me just put it to you this way in brief. Whether the whole Roc Nation is following in Anton LaVey's steps, I do not know. I also don't know if Rick Ross squeezes his big self into a hooded robe and has undergone the 33rd degree initiation. To be honest, I don't even know what that is, my "vast" knowledge of the subject actually being confined to a couple of Dan Brown books and a History Channel special.

Scary? Noooo. There's nothing at all scary in the least bit about them. Now what Lil' Kim line did I mention in "The Secret Life of B****es"? Oh, that's right. "Dressed in all black like an omen". Yes, and we all know how black omens are signs of good things, right?

What I do know is Jigga's put out a few hibbie-jibbie videos that don't... well, to use my Grandmother's lingo, do not "sit well with my spirit".

He's never had a problem with violence. I mean Dude came out styled as a latter day Black mobster in "Reasonable Doubt." He's been a"Hustla" but darn it, he was still charming enough to say "Excuse Me, Miss." I mean, any guy who could rap over a little Orphan Annie tune can't be that bad, right? Uh, yeah. I noticed a darker turn when he showed himself get "offed" in "99 Problems", which revealed that his 100th problem was the one he really should have been looking out for-the Grim Reaper. Well, death AND Rick Rubin's scary as death beard. It was actually a toss up for me.

Anyway, fast forward to "Blueprint 3" (and seriously, if you have to make three blueprints, I'm sorry, but it's time to get a new architect... something's broke) and that terrifying video with Alicia Keys hubby Swizz Beats. Here it is:

Yeah, I keep it moving when this creepy video airs. On to the next one for real, Man. I just can't understand why the Nikes are bleeding. Although I guess it's nice Marilyn Manson got some work. Next up, Kanye had to get murdered in one of his videos, too. Remember "Flashing Lights"?

Hmm... was this love gone terribly wrong? His feelings on the paparazzi? And if so, did it inspire Gaga? Maybe Kanye caught a glimpse of his future in September 2009 when the public's opinion of him would spiral into a free fall because of a certain on-stage drunken interruption/video critique? Whatever the meaning, Mr. West still depicted a mighty bloody end. For himself.

And one last one. Even though Rihanna is not mentioned in Bizzle's song, I figured I had to mention her because she is often linked to the occult via the web, too. Of course it didn't help that "Little Miss Sunshine" was a "Good Girl Gone Bad", but then when she got all "Rated R", the cyber world went wild with speculation. Check out Ri Ri's "Russian Roulette" which-following in her label mates' steps- simulates the Barbadian Beauty's death, a few times over.

Okay... note to self, listen to some Ce Ce Winans after all this. Anyway, Jiggaman addressed some of the rumors with Rick Ross on "Free Mason".

Here enters Bizzle. He's not buying Jay's hazy response. So rapping over Nas' classic "Ether", he takes on the guys. Quite well. And with respect.

Well this Blogger is going to just say, again in my Grandmother's words, "A Hearty AMEN!"

If you want to find out more about Bizzle, check out his website here.


Don said...

enjoyed the humorous read. after reading upon secret societies, masons, Illuminati ramblings, i hardly concluded that Jay Z was a member of the Illuminati, no more than i am a member of Oprah's prestigious bookclub. like Jay, i might long to be selected ... but he and i both are light- years away. i believe is a Mason though, for what it's worth. additionally, i believe the ROC group members are juggling ideas around and laughing at all the publicity being garnered. especially Kanye, who appears to be the member most dangerously romanticized by the "do as thou wilt" concept. Jay Z has actually implored the same tactics earlier in his career on a song entitled D'evils, off his debut album. please don't let Ricky Rozay get dressed in #allblackeverything attire. Lol. lastly, i just finished reading Dan Brown's Deception Point. good read.

Alisha De Freitas said...

"please don't let Ricky Rozay get dressed in #allblackeverything attire."

But black is slimming!

Yeah, I remember "D'evils". I actually think "Reasonable Doubt" still stands as his best (even though I do give him high props for all his albums from "Vol 2. Hard Knock Life" through the "Black Album".

What's frightening is the cavalier mix of the occult, Christian symbolism, violence, death and overt sexuality. Jay Z laces his lyrics with "CHUCCCCH" the way he once laced his chains with diamonds. Rosaries are worn, and crosses are interspersed with bullets. References of being "Prophet Profits", and throwing out references like "rape" with "children"- while powerful as metaphors, are disgusting in reality. They entertain by serving up death, money and admonishments to give them praise.

Jigga said "LOVE" is his achilles heel in "Monster." Think about that for a bit. And when you're done, go to the next line when he says he doesn't get enough.

Annnnyyyyywaaaay, I heard "Deception Point" was good. It's just after "Da Vinci Code" and "Angels & Demons", I kind of feel like I've read it all with him. He's very formulaic.

Don said...

Deception Point was my first Dan Brown read. i tried to sit and read Da Vinci Code more than a few times in '06, but could never grasp the spirit nor meaning of the less than one hundred pages read. he is a great writer though. i eventually settled on a small book that explained the Da Vinci Code in great detail. ...back to your post and comment, i believe you chose the proper description where you wrote "cavalier mix." agreed. there are some words being thrown out there in many of his songs which throw me for a loop as well, hence, like yourself, "Reasonable Doubt" being my greatest Jay Z listen. the song Monster, his lyrics, appeared to be him in costume. great comment, informative, precise. oh, i am sorry for how my comments publish - posting from cell phone.

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