Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Girls... Wait, Scratch That... Brides-to-be Gone Wild

I was talking with my brother Joe recently when he asked me if I had heard about the male stripper who performs at Bachelorette parties... wearing a large oversized bear head. Here's how the convo went, to the best of my memory, lol:

Joe: Oh my God, what is wrong with women today?

Me: What NOW, Joe.

Joe: have you heard about the rich, elite women hiring some stripper to perform at their Bachelorette parties? But get this, the guy is nude except for a teddy bear head.

Me: What? What are you talking about?... Really, huh?

Joe: A male stripper...

Me: No, no, I heard what you said, but I don't get it! That's weird! Why does he wear a teddy bear head?... Actually that's disturbing...

Joe: No, it gets more disturbing. They perform sex acts on him! Like he's a toy. It's disgusting. And then they actually have sex with him AND it's recorded...

Me: WHAT? What about STDs? And why would they record it? And why the bear head? That is so disturbing on so many levels... Wait, how do YOU know about this?

Joe: It's all over the internet. These women all want to be like... the next Kim Kardashian. They don't care. Their faces aren't blurred, they use names...

Me: (With a very screwed up face) But why would they do that? What about their fiances? Their families? Jobs? And why a be...

Joe: ALISHA, THEY JUST DON'T CARE ANYMORE. THESE WOMEN ARE WORSE THAN MEN. Go see for yourself. Check it out. (Walks away).

Me: (To myself) But WHY? A bear head...

Again, it went something like that. Anyway, after I got over my horrid visions of a Chippendale Teddy Ruxpin, I really started thinking about how twisted things have become. Women use to rant about the perverse events which occurred at Bachelor parties. I saw plenty of "Ricki Lake" and "Jerry Springer" episodes back in the day devoted to detailing the debauchery. Now things have flipped to the point many guys keep it low-key while the ladies act a hot mess. From Fox News:

Call it "Bachelorettes Gone Wild." While grooms are tempering their stag night shenanigans, brides-to-be are kicking stuffy traditions to the curb and getting rowdy to celebrate the end of their single lives.

"It was a blast," Margie Parsons, of Huber Heights, Ohio, said of her bachelorette party at a strip club. "I got handcuffed to the stage and two women gave me a lap dance."

Parsons' escapades do not surprise Kevin Cornell, who works as an exotic dancer in Chippendales' "Ultimate Girl's Night Out" male revue at Harrah's Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

"When we first started back in New York, it was only a Friday and Saturday thing," he said. "But now that we're in Vegas, any day of the week there are 10 to 20 bachelorette parties going on."
Cornell, who has been dancing with Chippendales for six years, points out that Harrah's built a custom theater for the show and signed the hunks to a 10-year contract — a kind of deal unheard of in Vegas just a decade ago.

And 10 years is a long time for a guy who faces throngs of boozy bachelorette parties each night. Cornell says packs of lascivious ladies have scratched him, pulled his hair and even bitten him on the backside — bawdy behavior that is fueled by the consumption of an astounding amount of alcohol.
"Sometimes they don't even make it through the entire show, and the show's only an hour and a half long," he said.

April Masini, author of "Think & Date Like a Man," says part of the reason for the change is that the women's liberation movement, for better or worse, has changed the meaning of marriage.
"It used to be seen as women were not giving anything up when they got married; they were gaining a husband," Masini said. "But now it's seen as their last hurrah because they're giving up their single life instead."

Masini, who offers dating advice on her Web site, says as gender roles have equalized in the minds of many Americans, women feel more comfortable acting up. But what about the guys?

"I think that men have become more conservative than women," Masini said. "I can tell you just from questions I get on my site there are more women having affairs than men and there are more men getting dumped by women. ... Women have less reasons to get married or remain in a marriage than they ever did before." To read the story in it's entirety, click here.

Lest you think it's just the hysteria of a conservative site, I performed a simple Google search and found pages of party ideas for those women who are looking to have one last fling right before they say "I do": from limos stoked with booze to take them to strip clubs (featuring male or female dancers) to cozy home parties with favors of an x-rated flavor. 

Katy Perry bragged bridesmaid Rihanna should strip for her, while Kendra saw plenty of female flesh and more at her recorded for "E!" bridal shower.

But I guess I can understand (somewhat) female entertainers being bawdy- many of them are all the time. It's pretty much part of their act. But why would regular women misbehave in such a way- especially since they seem to expect so much more from their grooms?

Unfortunately, I think that advice columnist April Masini is right. Many women, instead of viewing the beginning of their new life are too busy mourning the end of their single one. And perhaps they are bringing their feelings of bereavement into their marriages, giving them more reason to cheat.And then walk away. Which is making me want to scream "We want pre-nop, we want pre-nup, YEAH!" right along with all the jilted MEN.

Again, if this is what feminism is today, I want no part of it. If it's wrong for the gander, it IS wrong for the goose.


Mizz~Understood{12~31} said...

No it's not feminism it's trash and whore like behavior! I blame the Kardashians, tv shows like the Kardashians and these stupid housewives of ???, media, and singers and rappers. First the dudes were singing about females being bisexual and now females are singing about it. But wait let a man rap or sing about being BI with another guy, they lose credibility (even though that is gross). Anyways I'm not surprised at these chicks! It's just so sad that they will perform sexual acts on them period, and they don't use protection! SMDH! This is why I'm not even interested in dating at all, it's just scary and what people do now-a-days!

Alisha De Freitas said...

"But wait let a man rap or sing about being BI with another guy, they lose credibility..."

Funny how that works, right? Men at least use to try to put up a pretense of respect, even the crappy ones. Then the message was spread, "Women, be like men! Free 'love'!" Except not all guys are even giving it up for "free", but whatever. Then many women slept around "like men", but in an ever "free" world, they had to up the ante, dressing slutty, getting surgery to up their "assets" and finally, there is no surprise they all want to put their "freedom" out there on the internet, recorded for all time.

And at the end, are they happy? There's a scene in the George Clooney movie "Up In The Air" where his young assistant makes a comment like she gets feminism and all, but at the end, don't you want to get married and have kids?

I really can't imagine these Brides being great wives or mothers in the long term unless they make major changes.

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