Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh, the Problems of Being a Profit Prophet ...

Embattled preacher Bishop Eddie Long.

... are many. Like which color Rolls Royce to buy, how many bedrooms should be built in your new mansion and which private jet to purchase. There are more serious downsides, like IRS audits, allegations of embezzlement and improper extra-marital sexual affairs... but then, they can always take comfort in their private saunas.

While Bishop Long is the latest Reverend Wrong in the news, The Atlanta Post has a list of ten who have caused controversy over the years:

"Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s name almost became kryptonite for President Barack Obama two years ago when the out-spoken preacher said African-Americans should not sing “God Bless America” but “God damn America.” In the sermon the Reverend said the 9-11 attacks were done to an America that didn’t embrace all of its citizens.  The media firestorm that followed the expose of the 2003 sermon  proved to be  too much of a strain for the pastor and his most prominent church member.  Wright retired in 2008 and President Obama moved on from that church. The President said, at the time, that although he did not always agree with the Reverend, he did have “affection” for him like any member of his family.

Ten years ago Bishop Clarence McClendon was known as one of the most dynamic preachers in the Foursquare Gospel denomination. But he claimed the organization was racially biased and pulled his 10,000-member Church of the Harvest International out of the denomination. It was around the same time in 2000 that Bishop McClendon divorced his wife of 16 years and married for a second time just one week after the divorce was declared final. According to Charisma Now, a Christian publication, his ex-wife Tammera said Bishop McClendon told her that God revealed to him who he was supposed to marry. She said she then asked him: “How could God show you another woman when you already have a wife?”

Bishop Thomas Weeks III became a household name in Black Christian circles when he married Prophetess and televangelist Juanita Bynum in 2002. Together they built Global Destiny Ministries based in Duluth, GA into an influential ministry. Five years later, the best selling author of No More Sheets filed for divorce from her husband. Shortly afterwards, the battle went public as Weeks attacked his estranged wife in the parking lot of Atlanta’s Renaissance Concourse Hotel. Bynum revealed in a Divorce Court interview that she had battled with depression and thoughts of suicide after separating from her husband. Dr. Bynum has gone on to  form a recording label, SonFlower Records, as a joint venture with Matthew Knowles’ Music World Gospel label.

To check out thw whole list, click here.


Don said...

Bishop McClendon might have forgotten that he was already married. Although I am not sure how he managed such, considering the ring on his father. That had to be a most embarrassing scenario.

I actually liked and understood many of the things that Reverend Wright said. I wanted to jump in front of a camera and ask all the new stations whether there was any truth to his statements.

Not sure what really happened with Bishop Weeks and Juanita Bynum. I just know that I once read her book in '06 and it really helped me overcome heartache and pain. So she has a pass in my book.

Had no idea this ever occurred with Bryant. Kinda shocking. So are the past allegations surrounding Hezekiah Walker. I don't think they really want it Reverend Price. Lol.

Terry Jones appears to be the last man standing. He is more of a true old schooler anyway though, correct?

Good read. Thanks for sharing.

Alisha De Freitas said...

I wrote about Bishop Weeks here:

While Reverend Wright might make some valid points, I'm not a fan. I don't want God damning any country. And he has a non-Biblical eschatology and is a proponent of a version of Liberation Theology that focuses on political and social changes that bear little resemblance of the Gospel. I wrote about the danger of mixing the preaching & politics here:

I had heard about Hezekiah Walker, but I'm not familiar with all of them. Interesting read, though.

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