Friday, October 1, 2010

Pulpit Pimp Creflo Dollar "Pay Tithes or Get Shot"

What this nonsense has to do with "Christ, and Him crucified", I have no clue. But it's madness.

For more on Creflo and the Prophet Profits, you can check out this site.


Alan said...

WOW! If there is one thing that I hate is prosperity teachings. Yes tithe is important and we all should do it, but then when you see things like this you can understand why people dont feel comfortable giving to the church.

I have never understood the whole idea of putting money on the altar when a preacher is preaching. Its a common act at The church we have been attending now, and the one prior. It just dosnt sit right with me.

I have always kinda taken the approach that if you are faithful then God will provide for the church and for yourself. I dont think we need to beat people over the head and scare them to death in order for them to give tithe out of fear. The mere notion that you would kid around and say the thing creflo said, is horrible.

I have always like the approach that Mars Hill has taken to tithe (Rob Bells church, not the other one) Simply at the end of service as his is dismissing everyone, one of the last things he says is, "There are Joy boxes in the back and online if you wish to give" Thats as simple as it needs and should be in my eyes.

My wife knows how much I hate prosperity teachings and when I see things like this. I am restraining myself from letting it loose, so ill stop myself here. lol

Don said...

Sad face.

I am unable to view the video at the moment. I have to wait til this weekend, I suppose.

Reading your post and Alan's comment I must say that Creflo Dollar must have left the gate open?

Alisha De Freitas said...

I'm totally with you on this. I absolutely HATE this doctrine. I HATE it. I have family members who are caught up in this garbage.

I listen to it and I cannot understand how so many millions are believers in this false gospel. They throw their money at these preachers and neglect to pay their rent. But no worries, God is going to provide them with big houses anyway! *rollseyes* Hmm, let's see, not being good stewards of their money and then making purchases they can't afford... sounds like the reason for the foreclosure mess.

Yes, I definitely can see why so many are hesitant to give a penny to a church. K and I do give out of each check- but to various charities and sometimes just to buy grocery cards for people we know who have been laid off.

God help His Church...

Alisha De Freitas said...


Just listen to what Creflo says. And the foolishness he does... sigh...

Alan said...

Totally agree Alisha, one of the nails in the coffin for one of the churches we were visiting was one sunday one of the ministers got up to give the usual tithe speech, and he said, "if its between your light bill and your tithe, pay your tithe" I couldnt believe it! You really scare people into handing over their money to the church, not because they want to, but because their afraid of what might happen.

God dosnt want to force anyone into anything. Of course he could come down in all his glory and show his power and might and then everyone would love and respect him. But how true would that love be if it took that to bring it out. Same with tithe, it needs to be something that is doen out of love and sincerity.

As I type this I must confess that it has been some time that I have personally given my tithe. Not for lack love, but just for the simple fact that we have been on a long journey to find the right church home, and I havent felt comfortable yet funding an organization that we havent fully vetted. However I do like your idea lish of giving to charities of even just setting it aside to provide for others, I think i just may start to do that.

Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to tell who how much I can't stand these crooks! Creflo flies into my job on his private Gulfstream, $40 million plane with security guards, fur coats and stretch limousines while preaching the word of a humble & poor man. A man that lived poorly amongst his people yet these blood sucker lives large on the generosity of his flock. Him and many other "preachers", I used that word lightly, he is undeserving of it, don't practice what they preach.
When he flies in on his private jet with huge P Diddy style diamond encrusted cross around his neck, it makes me want to slap him! Irks me sooooo much!
Kathy Borie NJ/PA

Alisha De Freitas said...

@AJ, I'm sorry you had to hear that kind of "preaching". Blech. It's really just begging. Yes, I love to give, and so I didn't want to not give anything, so K and I have found this to be a great way to give.

@Diddy, augh, this guy gives me the creeps! I've visited my mom and she'll have him on and she knows to turn the channel immediately to stop the ensuing Alisha-storm, lol. Gross.

Don said...

The video left me speechless.

Cannot believe anyone with a functioning brain actually plays into this foolishness.

True enough, no man or woman is perfect, but it doesn't require absolute perfection in order to "wake up."

Alisha De Freitas said...

@Don, millions follow this man and others like him. I wouldn't say they are brainless, just putting their faith in bad doctrine and corrupt people. Some of them honestly want to believe that their health is going to improve, their son will quit that gang, they will get steady work... and none of those things are bad in the least. So when they hear a minister, supposedly a man of God, twist Scripture to say they can "name and claim" their way to health, wealth and success, they jump at it.

I personally get heated, but when it comes to speaking to people who have fallen for this garbage, it's best to be patient and gracious and point out the gaping holes in this theology. With love.

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