Friday, October 8, 2010

A Spade Is A Spade, But A Skank Is A... Hero???

 Karen Owens Hook Report has landed her much press- even on national shows like "Today" on NBC, which has reported on her two days in a row.

I'm calling foul on this one. The interwebs is a flutter over Duke alum Karen Owen's "Sex Thesis", a report she did for fun (and maybe a little spite) on a bunch of guys she hooked up with during her college career. Her paper rates the guys on their expertise, looks and such, complete with a graph, icky details, pictures and names.

Karen sent the PowerPoint piece to a few galpals, who went on and shared it with a few of their BFFs and now... she's infamous. From this morning's NBC's Today:

Okay, so let's pause for a minute. While it's nice that Karen is sorry if she hurt anyone, she didn't think about their feelings before? Like when she sent it to a few girlfriends? To me that bypasses locker room talk by A WHOLE LOT. Those typically "guy talks" are wrong, but what's said is said and can become gossip... or just dismissed. However, what Karen did, besides being a very strange use of PowerPoint and a bizarre "case study", is permanently out there. Once something goes viral, it's out there for good. So now these guys' names and pictures will forever be out floating through cyberspace, and their kids will be able to learn if Dad was a good lay. Eww.

And while we've come to a stop to think about the situation, why did that girl in the video, as a "Feminist" think this was a good thing? Turn about is fair play? Heh, more like a jerk is a jerk. If this was one of those Duke Dudes putting a bevy of Beauties' sack skills on record, plenty of people would be calling foul, like I am. Instead, there's a chorus of "You Go Girl!" louder than every single season of "Martin" combined. Why?

Sorry, but I'll stand on the opposite side and say she was wrong. Also, if this is what passes for "Feminism" today, I'd rather  pray for Chivalry's (not Chauvinism) return.


Don said...

Interesting read.

Unfortunately I will have to wait until the weekend to view the video. Judging from the article and your thoughts concerning her "kiss and tells", I too believe it's odd for a woman to heralded for not giving accounts ... but actually listing names.


I guess the double standard gets thrown out of the window here.

Alisha De Freitas said...

If you want, you can click the link (warning to sensitive readers, there is vulgar language used) to get Jezebel's recount of the story.

Why do women get a pass here? For real? Can someone tell me? (I'm not being rhetorical here, either.)

Anonymous said...

I have just two three word phrases to post.

1) The New Man*

2) Brave New world

*err new woMAN

Alisha De Freitas said...


New Woman, Old Sins.


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