Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twenty Questions- October 12th

Inspired by Don's Random-ish posts and Likes/Dislikes, I decided to write a list of questions I've been pondering. Kind of a rip-off of Vibe, I know, but as a former intern, I think I can borrow from them. Here goes:

1.) Does anyone besides Joe get what "The Event" is about?

2.) Why is Justin Beiber hawking nail polish for OPI at Walmart?

3.) The good folks at OPI do know he's a boy, right? I mean, the hair is pretty androgynous...

4.) What are the Tea Partiers reclaiming in the nation EXACTLY? Lower taxes? Less government?

5.) And from whom EXACTLY? President Obama? Nancy Pelosi?

6.) Is there going to be a march to reclaim Glenn Beck's sanity?

7.)  Even though Hollywood celebs' marriages fall apart quicker than a sandcastle built on the edge of the ocean in South Beach during Hurricane season at high tide, am I the only one bummed about Courtney Cox/David Arquette's split and Christina Aguilera/Jordan Bratman's split? Note, I did write "bummed" and not "surprised".

8.) Are Italian-Americans getting fed up with all their negative portrayals in the media? I'm not even Italian and I'm feeling mad. How has such a rich culture somehow been stereotyped in to "guidos", repeats of "The Sopranos", a whole lot of hair gel and the oompa loompa known as Snooki?

9.) And no offense for those who are proud of Columbus Day as a day to celebrate Italian-Americans, but WHY is that the day to celebrate Italian-Americans? Yes, he was Italian, but he was sailing for Spain. He ended up even being buried there.And I find it pretty interesting his kids had the Spanish version of the surname- Colon...

10.) Are you interested in notable Italian-Americans? Yes? Click here. No? Boo. Go to number 11.

11.) What possessed those NYC men to beat 3 Gay men- 2 only in their teens- so viciously? Oh wait, I know. Hate.

12.) Why are people still feeding their children McDonald's Happy Meals with all this scary information about their food coming out?

13.) Tracks obviously showing? Check. Bra strap showing? Check. Starbucks frap? Triple check. Since Britney is walking around looking very 2007, does this mean we should be worried?

14.) Talking about Monica Lewinsky? Is that the best comeback Rand Paul had for Bill Clinton?

15.) Rick Sanchez didn't "intend narrow-mindedness" when he went on his now infamous Jon Stewart/anti-Jewish rant which got him fired from CNN? What exactly were you intending, Ricky?

16.) Have you clicked on any of the Ads I recently added to the site? (Do it!)

17.) Seriously, do you know The Golden Arches put the same chemicals found in Silly Putty in their nuggets? Stop giving this crap to your kids! And yourself!

18.) Do you know that Sudan is on the brink of a new civil war?

19.) Do you know George Clooney believes we (meaning you and I) can do something to stop the war from happening?

20.) I agree with Condoleeza Rice- I prefer to be called "Black American". Do you have a preference?


Keiron said...

This is hilarious. I like this.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Thanks, Baby! :-)

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