Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Twenty Questions: October 19th

1.) Am I the only one scratching my head over Kanye's new album's cover art?

2.) How happy were you when those 33 miners in Chile finally were set free?

3.) So... Kim Kardashian thinks she's too old to pose nakey at 30, but was youthful enough to pull it off at almost 30?

4.) Are you alarmed like I am that Willow Smith wants to do a collabo with Lady Gaga?

5.) But isn't she the most awesome little 5th grader out there? Next to my nephew Nate, of course ;-)

6.) Isn't it very telling that even Meghan McCain thinks Christine O'Donnell is a "nutjob"?

7.) Is there any surprise that the number one Halloween costume for this year will most likely be Lady Gaga?

8.) When is Rihanna going to lose that awful red hair/wig/weave? She looks like she's wearing Elmo.

9.) Do you like the new "Law &Order: LA"? Because I haven't even tried it. Between the old Dr. Dre songs spinning in the commercials, Terrence Howard acting real EXTRA, and it being set in LA (!), I've just been put off from checking it out. I should clarify, I DO like old Dr. Dre songs. Just not in advertisements for "L&O".

10.) Come to think of it, do you think Dick Wolf is trying to bring back the urban audience he once had with "New York Undercover"?

11.) Did I just date myself terribly with that last question?

12.) What's a former Vibe-intern got to do to get some celeb (even D-List) to do an interview with her? Come on Woody from Dru Hill, you know you have some free time on your schedule.

13.) Isn't it scary that Sisqo had already split from Dru Hill when Willow Smith was just being born?

14.) Did I again date myself with the previous question?

15.) Am I the only heterosexual women not drooling over Trey Songz? Not that he isn't a good looking dude, but I've ridden this "Pony" before, and quite frankly, I'm not getting back in the saddle.

16.) Why does Usher want to be like Hugh Hefner? Eww. You know, Trey Songz isn't looking so bad...

17.) I know rapper MIA made a statement by showing up at the Spike Scream Awards in a burqa, but I'm not sure what that statement is. However, she certainly stood out from all the rest of the scantily clad ladies present, which is pretty cool.

18.) Speaking of the Spike Awards, aren't they totally unnecessary? Why does every two bit cable network have to host these things? And what is a "Scream" award anyway? Commemorating the last time anyone really cared to watch Neve Campbell?

19.) Do you think I could work in anymore 90's references? No? In Living Color, Vanilla Ice, "Camp Anawana", "Rugrats", Urkel, the "Carlton Dance" and  Puck from "The Real World". Whew, now I'm done.

20.) Like this blog? Tell your friends! Don't? Um, come again. :-)


Alan said...

Yeah you dated yourself quite bit there, lol. Dont worry, NY undercover was one of my favorite shows. I almost cried when they killed off eddie. That tanked the series right there.

But not really feeling the new L&A either. Granted I have only watched half of the first episode, but that kinda did it for me. It just seemed plain awful. Ill stick with my SVU

Alisha De Freitas said...

Ha ha ha! Well, I did cry when they killed Eddie. How were they going to let Eddie and Nina get married, just to kill him off? He was my boy! I'm still mad!

My brother and sister both told me it's not too bad- the new "L& O"... but meh. Yeah, I'll stick with Benson & Stabler, too.

Carlos said...

Im honestly not scratching my head at Kanye's album cover. I have no problem with it. Kanye was hit the nail right on the head when he said plenty of album cover have had actual nudity on the cover and it was no issue. Going through some over my CD's I found Outkasts Stankonia (2000) and that had a nude woman on the the front she was just just colored in. Bottom line, this is only a big deal because the media wants another way to destroy Kanye's image; like its not already bad enough lol.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Oh, I'm not scratching my head over the nudity. It's HOW it's depicted. It matches with the album title, but I still find it... disturbing? I'm not a fan of that style of art anyway, but it just makes me think of some crazed drawing Benson and Stabler would find locked away in the memento chest of a serial killer/sociopath from an episode of "SVU".

But he has every right to release it, and actually it's not banned. The record label just wanted a change so it could get more display space at Wal-Mart, which is supposed to be family friendly.

It's not banned, just ugly, lol. Imho.

Don said...

Your comment section has me over here crying laughing.

Every time I see a picture of Riberio it makes me laugh and think about that dance he'd perform on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Hilarious.

Rihanna definitely needs to lose the red wig, but I was actually feeling her style in the photograph above.

I don't know what to think of Kanye's album cover. Just thinking about the "artwork", its purpose and meaning, gives me a headache.

Lady Gaga was built for Halloween. Lol.

What was wrong with Kim's pictures? She wore too much gray paint? Lol.

Good read.

Alisha De Freitas said...


Carlton, uh er, Alfonso will forever be linked my head with that dance like Urkel and those glasses.

Kim said she was too old now at 30 to pose naked. I guess there is much change that occurs once a girl hits the big 3-0.

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