Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wow, I Agree with Glenn Beck!

Hey, got to "give the devil his due" as my late Grandma use to say. Check out Beck opining about the recent attack on 2 Gay teens and 1 Gay man in NYC:

Got to admit, he made some valid points. I hope they lock these guys under the jail.


Don said...

Ouch. I stopped watching the video after Beck spoke of the males inviting the gay male to what he thought was a party. I had heard enough at that point.

Anyone who has the nerves to stick a plunger in someone's body (male or female) should definitely be sentenced to some hard time in prison.

The thought alone makes my skin crawl yet these guys found no problem in committing such a heinous crime.

I can't really say concerning Beck - I seriously do not trust him. Perhaps he's being truthful while attempting to cater to gay voters?

Alisha De Freitas said...

I sat through it and it was so disturbing, I stopped allowing the words to process into thoughts. It's disgusting. I honestly can't conceive of people doing this to fellow human beings.

On a past O'Reilly show (yes, I occasionally watch it), Beck made the comment that he's not concerned with homosexuality as far as politically. He was more like, "If you're not trying to force me to believe a certain way, then how a person lives behind closed doors doesn't concern me." And that was months ago.

Rightwingers/ Neo-cons/ Tea-partiers/ whoever are not monoliths. Some really are concerned with employment/ taxes. Others are mixed between fiscal and societal, while still others (usually Religious folks) are most vocal regarding society (abortion, gay marriage).

So while I think Beck is bizarre, it wouldn't shock me if he honestly doesn't share some of his fellow teapartiers' fight against Gay Marriage. They all seem united in wanting to reclaim the nation... for themselves.

Don said...

Once again, you have managed to open up an entirely different thought process in my mind. I understand everything you've expressed and will keep an open mind concerning Beck and this particular issue.

O' Reilly is okay. I like seeing him hammer (scream) his point across to certain guest.

He along with Nancy Grace, Sean Hannity & a few others are great entertainment. Although rappers Cam'ron and Damon Dash once left O' Reilly visibly frustrated during an interview.

Cam'ron wouldn't shy away from promoted ignorance, it appeared.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Ha ha ha, I remember this Cam'ron interview. HA!

Yeah, I like watching them as well. It's great entertainment. Plus, I really like hearing varying viewpoints.

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