Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yay! Kohl's Yanked The "Ghetto Fab" Wig!

I just wrote about this, and I am super happy the protests were not in vain. From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: 

"Kohl's Corp. pulled a curly wig from its online Halloween offering this week after customers were offended by the "Ghetto Fab" name for the product. Sears and Kmart followed suit after hearing of the controversy.
The wig was part of an extensive array of costumes that Kohl's is selling online. The merchandise is shipped directly to customers from Buyseasons Inc., a New Berlin online custom retailer, as part of a wholesale program described in an article Tuesday in the Journal Sentinel.

The wig sparked an uproar on Kohl's Facebook page Monday. Customers were offended by the name and shocked that Kohl's would carry an item described that way.

"We are both embarrassed and apologize for the offensive nature of the merchandise description," said Kohl's senior vice president of public relations Vicki Shamion.

"Once it came to our attention, the item was removed from our website immediately. We take full responsibility for Kohl's messaging, and rest assured it in no way reflects the values of our company which we work hard to embrace in all aspects of our business every day. We have sent personal apologies to our customers and hope they will continue to give us the opportunity to serve them in a professional, respectful manner."

To read the whole story, click here.

I'm a happy nappy chica now!


Don said...

While I lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I stayed shopping at Kohl's.

The owner was a very generous man and supported a countless number of under-privileged schools and communities.

So, yes, this both shocked and disturbed me.

All things considered, how could Kohl's not understand the product label would be considered offensive?

Alisha De Freitas said...

@Don, you lived in Milwaukee? My stepmom is from there. She told me about Kohl's long before they started popping up here in Jersey.

At least the wig is gone.

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