Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Twenty Questions- November 2nd

1.) Are you as excited  today is Election Day as me?

2.) Do you know I'm actually excited today will be the last day (for a while) of non-stop 30 second political assassinations known as campaign ads on every single channel? I'm so sick of them!

Outside of the fact we are both female, cute and Christian, I'm sorry Christine, you are not just like me. You don't even wear glasses! And believe me, I would never appear on a Bill Maher show.
3.) And while we're on the topic, why do all these politicians keep insisting they are "just like me" or that I "know" them? No, really, you are not like me and I certainly do not know you. If I did know you, you wouldn't be clogging the channels with stupid commercials insisting you know me. And if you were just like me, you'd know I really, really, REALLY hate being harassed into voting.

4.) Is the House of Mouse courting or creating young teen starlets guaranteed for controversy, heartache and pain (and at least one stop at rehab)? Sincerely, though good luck, Demi.

5.) Why is it every time I bother to flick on the radio, I'm 99% positive I will be hearing a song by or with Drake, Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Kanye or Trey Songz?

6.) For all my tri-state readers, can someone please let Power 105's staff know Usher's "Yeah!" should by no means be considered "Back in the Day"?

7.) Aren't you glad Lil Jon has sat down someplace?

8.) Before I get off Usher, am I the only one who thinks his new song "Hot Tottie" has a hilarious name? I'm sorry, but every time I hear it, I think about little grannies sipping warm milk concoctions to help them nod off. Not of sexy... well, not of sex at all.

9.) By the way, does anyone really believe it is not cheating even if you don't tell anyone. Or tell "nobody"?

10.) Do you know preschoolers are averaging about FIVE HOURS of television viewing a day? No four year old needs that much Sprout ever.

11.) Why T.I., why? After "Redemption", quoting the words of St. Paul about putting away "childish things", doing your time and then getting hitched (repeatedly), would you get yourself locked up for 11 more months? Sigh. Well, good luck, Bro.

12.) Why are Europeans dismayed at President Obama's sinking numbers? Don't you all have problems like Greece, terrorist threats and philandering Italian leaders to worry about? No? How about the Roma?

13.) Do you think sanity was restored on Saturday? Or fear? Or both?

14.) Are you excited Lil Wayne is being released from prison? Yes, I know, I did mention he is all over the radio in question number 5. And he is. In fact, he's topping the charts.

15.) How is he doing it? I don't know. But hey, if Pac and Biggie could do it from the grave...

16.) Surprised Miami's Big Three were colder than Omarion in that "Icebox" in their opening game? Ha ha, I wasn't.

17.) Surprised San Fran won The World Series? Honestly, I am.

18.) Are you ready for Christmas? No, me either. Please tell this info to all stores from pharmacies to Neiman Marcus. I find it aggravating (and rather harsh on the eyes) to suddenly go from the warm earth tones of Harvest displays to the garish red and green everything in literally a day.

19.) Did you know fortune cookies aren't Chinese?

20.) Did you hear about the praying pup? Speaking of prayers, how about saying a few for the people of Indonesia, Haiti and all over the globe suffering as a result of nature's fury.


Don said...

Growing to love these types of posts more and more.

There is much ado concerning Lil Wayne's release from prison, isn't it?

While I was excited about Tupac Shakur's release in '95 there is absolutely nothing that speaks of excitement in this case.

It will take more than a day to restore sanity in America, if at all. I might be disenchanted.

Co-sign the finally not being forced to watch campaign ads that remind me of WWE promo's.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Since I live in the tri-state era, I actually saw way too many commercials from WWE co-owner Linda McMahon who was running in Connecticut, which makes your comment especially hilarious to me.

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