Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Twenty Questions: January 18th, 2011

Loyal reader Yazzy reminded me that I've been neglecting my "Twenty Questions" about pop culture and current events. So, just for her, I'm restarting it. Besides, there is much to question, lol!

1.) Okay, so it's great that Black folks banded together to revive "The Game", bringing it to BET from the CW. But wouldn't it be nice if we could throw our force behind something like education?

2.) If you watched the season premiere, isn't Melanie really starting to lose it?

3.) Yeah! Cabletown is going to buy NBC! Uh, I mean Comcast. Too much "30 Rock" for me. How will Tina Fey work this into the show?

4.) And speaking of "30 Rock", they've decided to NOT work star Jane Krakowski's pregnancy into the storyline. Think it'll be the same for "The Game"'s Tia Mowry?

5.) And what's up with the Hollywood `baby boom?

6.) Oh Iran... we thought things would be alright for Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani after her sentence of stoning was suspended. Turns out, the world was wrong. She might just be hung. What is wrong with this nation?

7.) Isn't Jared Loughner's mugshot extremely disturbing?

8.) Can someone please tell Sarah Palin to hire a new PR team?

9.) Isn't it awesome how Representative Gabrielle Giffords will most likely be leaving the hospital soon?

10.) Do you think Gamestop is worried?

11.) Does anyone need THIS much coffee in one serving?

12.) Why is Facebook fast becoming Big Brother?

13.) But who actually lists their home addy on Facebook? And why did they ever do this?

14.) But we should never underestimate the power of Facebook. What are the limits people must reach to turn off the computer?

15.) Do you know certain pasta sauces contain a huge amount of sugar?

16.) Is "gestational carrier" going to become part of the American lexicon now that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have introduced the phrase while introducing their second daughter?

17.) While J. Lo's twins are absolutely adorable, is it kind of weird that she has them out modeling for Gucci... and they're not even 3?

18.) And who's buying that she did it for solely altruistic reasons? She and Marc can easily donate the money without use of photogs.

19.) So it's great the bartender wanted to protect the baby, but did he really have to kick this pregnant woman out of a bar while she sipped...water?

20.) What does it say about American men- and women- when the recession has done nothing to slow down the mail order bride business?


Don said...

I've heard that Facebook has just about become a GPS tracking device. Lol. Not really, but it seems as if it's headed in this direction in the future. So many children own FB accounts and something tells me that it cannot possibly be a good thing.

Love your question concerning your wishing that efforts could be made towards something more beneficial to society, other than a TV show.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Facebook is evil. I know because I'm an addict. (only slightly joking)

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