Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Qu'Osby Show?

CBS news anchor Katie Couric suggested last year that to better help Americans see how ordinary Muslims are, there should be a show created in the same vein as "The Cosby Show", which showed how ordinary African Americans are. I thought this was funny because the idea, while good intentioned, seemed a bit naive. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED "The Cosby Show" growing up, to the point I wanted to be Rudy. And I agree that the show definitely gave the U.S. a positive example of upwardly mobile, professional and loving Blacks. But to think a 30 minute sitcom changed society in the way, say the Civil Rights Movement did, is just plain simple. (Then again, considering more people keep up with the Kardashians than the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East, maybe Katie is on to something.)

Leave it to the good folks at "The Daily Show" to give us a pilot of this Muslim Cosby comedy- "The Qu'Osby Show":


Don said...

While reading the post and, then, as I watched the first minute or so of the video I had already made up my mind that nothing would change the public perception of Muslims, certainly not a television sitcom.

Especially not in America where the media has all but hypnotized the majority of Americans into #GroupThink [shoutout to Erykah Badu].

Instead of dwelling on this fact, though, I sat and watched what turned out to be a pretty entertaining video, minus Dr. Alvin Poussaint losing mad cool points in the process. Lol.

Alisha De Freitas said...

Speaking of GroupThink, I'm starting to think people are permanently brainwashed to believe one way or the other. And literally, just one way or the other, because there seems to be just two types of thoughts broadcast in the media. Sigh...

I thought the video was hilarious!

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