Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Will the Mary Mary Haters Please Just Keep "Walking"?

Mary Mary has just released "Walking" the first single off their forthcoming album, and I it was definitely a pick me up this cold February morning. Check out the video here:

If the video got stuck or kept looping like a bad DJ remix, sorry, but Vevo has issues.

The sisters look beautiful as usual (I totally want to run out and dye my dark locks honey blond now) and the song's message is inspirational and positive.

But of course, since haters will always surface for everything, there is some kind of "controversy" out there that the Gospel act sampled this early 90's dance hit by Crystal Waters for the tune:

At this point, with the Campbell sisters in the game for over a decade, I wish the naysayers would give it a break- and keep on "walking".


Velvet said...

My thoughts exactly! Artists like the dynamic duo "Mary Mary" hold a special place in gospel music! When your first coming to Christ and used to clubbin' you appreciate some clean lyrics with an up tempo beat. After you come to Christ you need music for every occasion, imagine doing the Electric Slide at a wedding off of Amazing Grace! MaryMary's music is just straight feel good music for the average,(not the righteous)
So if P-Diddy can sample, I say Go Head, Go Head!

Alisha De Freitas said...

"...imagine doing the Electric Slide at a wedding off of Amazing Grace!"

Bwawh ha ha ha ha!!!! I know this morning, "Walking" really hit the spot. I needed an upbeat, get-moving song! And no, I cannot imagine doing the Electric slide to "Amazing Grace". I say leave Mary Mary, Tye Tribbet, Kirk Franklin or Trip Lee alone!

Velvet said...

Well said!

Don said...

Of course you already know of my complete and utter love & respect for Mary Mary.

I love their music and forever credit them with my great interest in gospel music.

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