Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlie's, ahem, "Angels"- The Rant Continues

Don't be worried? Lord, have mercy...

So Charlie and his (half-his-age) goddesses are living in the sober house, sans Dr. Drew, because "three's company, too"... Wow, he so seems like Charlie Harper right now- minus Alan, Jake & Berta.

But seriously, am I the only one who is starting to feel squeamish watching this train wreck? As in, in near real time, he's wrecking? He's on the radio, "Today" and Pierce Brosnan, totally crashing. It's as frightening- if not more so- as Ana Nicole's crazed, hazy television appearances. Probably more so, because, as crazy as Charlie seems, he has remained coherent. Sure, the words sometimes run together and his tone is unnecessarily elevated, but he has made a few points. CBS does owe him a great deal if we're honest. In a time when most sitcoms are dead or dying (have you watched "The Office" lately? Put it down NBC, out it down), the raunchy hijinks of the Harper Brothers has helped keep the genre alive. And CBS has known (along with any casual peruser of TMZ) that Sheen is a certified bad boy. In fact, it seems the character is based loosely on Sheen. We've seen two failed marriages, four kids, AA, prostitutes, hotel room smashing, cocaine and alcohol all linked to him over the past decade. It seems that was fine (or at least tolerable), but once he turned on the writers, producers & network, then the hard decision was made to stop production.

And now we are viewers to his descent, courtesy of CNN and the peacock and well... any news outlet willing to send out a reporter to coddle him into saying more inane soundbites such as "tiger blood" or allowing him to spurt forth about how "special" he is. I'm not even sure what's more tragic, Sheen's denials or the media's display of them. In a strange way, it's probably the media, since Sheen seems to sincerely believe he is okay, while the media knows he's not.


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