Friday, March 25, 2011

The Fatty Faithful

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From NewsonWellness:

"A new study shows that people who attend religious services on a regular basis are more apt to be overweight.

Matthew Feinstein, the study’s lead investigator at Northwestern University School of Medicine found that obesity seems to be more prevalent among mostly Protestant members that are consistent with attendance in church.

There was not enough information on other faith attendees to determine if one religion was different from another. One rationale that Mr. Feinstein suggested was that church social activities may include eating foods that are less than healthy on a regular basis resulting in poor eating habits. Who can turn down all those goodies at the church social?

The study included almost  2,500 men and women. Age, race, sex, education, income and baseline body mass index were evaluated and the results were clear that the religious attendees were more likely to be obese.

However, others studies in the past have suggested that the religious live longer and are less like to be involved with smoking, and drugs."


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